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Pics: Three sizes of the Café Bag together!

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    Originally posted by katiya View Post
    Thank goodness I found this thread. I just found Tom Bihn and I've lived in Seattle for 10years just about. They must be a well kept secret or I wasn't paying attention. I like to support my local businesses if they deliver great service and product. Looks like that is the case here!

    I was trying to figure out sizes for the small, medium and large bags. A video would be a little more helpful for me but I don't see any on YouTube or here. The small is definitely out of the running but not sure if I should go for the medium or large. I may just have to wait for the July factory visit when the store is open to examine it in person and make the determination at that point.

    For the bag I am going to be using it as a purse (and I like the colour choices) but I can be really rough on my clothing and bags so I am thinking getting a side effect for the cafe bag I get (to match of course) and one side effect for a male friend in another state who loves waist packs. Love the darker bolder colours and I don't like pink but then I'm not a girly girl either. Never had Barbie's or girly things growing up. I love sports and traveling so I feel at home here.
    hi katiya,

    since you're in seattle, if you're able to make it over, the tom bihn store in seattle is actually open next tuesday, june 16th from 3pm to 6pm.

    in the mean time, let me get together a video showing the small, medium and large cafe bags. i've been meaning to get to this, but have been distracted by other things.

    curious if you played with madeline dolls. my nieces play with these, and i think they're a nice alternative to barbie and other such dolls.


      maverick thanks for the heads up about the store being open next Tuesday. I'm going to head over certainly. Then I will know for certain if its the medium or large cafe bag that I need. I'll also be picking up 2 side effects and a grocery bag or two. I'll wait for the bag for my huge laptop and luggage bag for a later date.

      Don't know why I have a Twitter or Facebook since I rarely log into either of those sites...

      I didn't really play with dolls much since I grew up around a lot of boys in my neighborhood growing up in Southern California. We were always outside riding bikes, playing politically incorrect games, playing basketball or baseball, having water fights, watching the younger kids while we were playing and working on our nerd pursuits like Atari and the like. I still have my Curious George stuffed monkey and Care Bear from when I was in the hospital for my operations though. I had Barbies but I gave them to younger girls in the neighborhood. I was too busy reading, writing or studying if I wasn't playing outdoors.


        Medium or Large Cafe Bag?

        Hi Maverick,

        I don't suppose you have had a chance to make that video or the small, medium and large cafe bags? I can't seem to make a decision between the medium and large bag and am hoping that a video may help me to make up my mind.



          Perhaps TB could do a vid of all 3 sizes being worn by several height-examples of people. In the same vein as the recent S19/25 offering ☺


            It could become the Cafes/Pilot/Copilot, EDC shoulder bags video, the PU and the new cross body knitting bag could be included if it is doable in one filming session.