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Rainy Day Magazine Review: Coincidence!

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    Rainy Day Magazine Review: Coincidence!

    Referencing the recent TB blog post here, what a coincidence! I myself just came back from a trip with just the Ego and my Aeronaut!!! No problems, but since I had a home base to work from, the Ego turned out to be a bit too big for everyday, just bumming around use. I ended up either putting my essentials in pockets only or in my aunt's purse (what are aunts for, eh?) Will remember to definitely pack a small cafe bag next time.

    Went to the Grand Canyon on a three-day bus tour from LA, stopping in Vegas on the way. Only carried the Aeronaut (containing six or so bottles of VitaminWater, clothes, chargers, slippers, etc) and my mom carried a small daypack. Everything was a breeze. The Aeronaut fit in the overhead of the bus (it also fit in the overhead on the plane the way to LA btw, but it was a larger one, with two aisles), so we didn't need to worry about it in cargo, and it was easy to carry it on and off. Accessing things inside (while in the overhead) while the bus was still moving wasn't a problem either, the way the zippers are set up.

    On the return trip, the Ego proved its worth by serving as sole carry-on, since an extra piece of checked luggage (the Aeronaut) was needed to bear the load of an overweight bag (yay to overpacking moms, but especially yay to my having prepared for this very situation by bringing both bags and hence no overweight luggage fee, and no sensitive/necessary for flight items in checked luggage). The Aeronaut also proved its worth, suffering no damage other than cosmetic (they had to drop MY bag onto the tarmac and get drops of whatever, jet fuel, all over it, of course) - maybe I should have ordered it in black if I feared something like that, but I love my loud and proud CRIMSON! I also totally am in love with the backpack straps, which make even grossly heavy bearable for long enough. Of course sometimes the snaps that keep the sections divided come undone, but that does not affect the bags at all, and I know it's lined with ripstop stuff, so I never worried about weight vs pocket divisions. And I just snap the snaps back together when I'm home.

    Cannot wait for my next trip with my Tom Bihn bags.

    btw, were I traveling alone, I would and could totally have OneBagged the whole trip with the Aeronaut!

    The Aeronaut is by far the best luggage I've ever owned. It just works.