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Ego comparison shots

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    Ego comparison shots

    So, while I contemplated long and hard about my purchase of an Ego, I did what any Bihn addict would do and scoured the forums, TB site, and the rest of the interwebs for pictures and videos of the Ego. I found stand alone shots and vids of the Ego, but not really any super stellar comparison shots. That's when I decided to take some to share with the rest of my beloved Bihnions as soon as I got my new Ego in my eager hands. If there are any other bags you'd like to see the Ego photographed with, I also have a SCB, A30, DLBP, SA, SE, S25, and various other packing cubes and pouches. To the photos!!

    Here's the empty Ego with my Navy/Solar Pilot. Note that I do have a few things packed in the Pilot, but it pretty much holds its structure unlike its new big brother.

    The Pilot placed on top of the Ego.

    The Pilot is thicker than the empty/hungry Ego, but don't let the Ego fool you just yet.

    The Ego is noticeable taller than the Pilot, but again, don't let its skinny self fool you!

    A view from the too. The Ego is also quite a bit longer than the Pilot.

    And now for the moment of truth...I stuff the Ego with some couch (or in my case, futon) pillows to give an idea of how much it can expand.

    From the top.

    From the side.

    Comparison of the MCB, Ego, and Pilot.

    The Ego is most definitely my new ninja bag. That expansion is super impressive. I also love that it doesn't make me look like Quasi Modo when I wear it when it's gained some weight...that's one thing I don't like about the Synapse family when I wear them, but then again, that's just my personal preference.

    If anyone would like, I can also take some shots of me wearing the bag to give an idea of how it looks on a 5'8.75", mildly fit but still a little lumpy, twenty something female.

    Ask and you shall receive.

    I just took some quick pictures of myself wearing the Ego. The first three are of the Ego completely empty and the last three are of the Ego stuffed to the brim with futon pillows again. Don't mind my super sexy work outfit. Hooray for super oversized men's polos.


      Crikey, you have the neatest bathroom countertop I've ever seen! And kudos on your dental setup there - good flossing is important! :)

      Thank you for posting these photos. I need to use my Ego and your photos help to see how it is proportioned. If you ever decide to post a detailed packing list/packing shots, that would be great!


        Originally posted by GoStanford View Post
        Crikey, you have the neatest bathroom countertop I've ever seen! And kudos on your dental setup there - good flossing is important! :)
        Looks like quartz. Indeed that's a nice upgrade over your typical laminate counters.

        Great photos @moosezilla!
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        Want: EVERYTHING.


          It's actually a super cheap countertop...the apartment looks fancy, but it's the cheapo stuff. But thanks! It does look nice.

          And I will definitely do some packing lists and pictures...I only had about an hour and a half to play with it before I had to come to work.


            I actually meant *neat* literally - but it is pretty also!


              Originally posted by GoStanford View Post
              I actually meant *neat* literally - but it is pretty also!
              Haha! Thanks! It's kind of a mess right now, but it's halfway to Sunday and Sunday is cleaning day!


                Originally posted by Moosezilla View Post
                I just took some quick pictures of myself wearing the Ego. The first three are of the Ego completely empty and the last three are of the Ego stuffed to the brim with futon pillows again. Don't mind my super sexy work outfit. Hooray for super oversized men's polos.
                This is great-- thanks. It looks good on you, too!


                  I have always wondered about the Ego. It is not nearly as commonly discussed as some other bags on these here forum pages. What was the reason you got this bag--how did/do you plan to use it? Can't wait to see your packing lists.

                  OH, and some interior shots of this guy too if you are so inclined!
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                    @luvdabags, I have been on a long journey to find a perfect set of TB bags to meet my needs. I've bought bags, I've sold bags. I won't bore you with the history of my bag swapping, but I will tell you that I think I may be in complete bag harmony, other than a few accessories here and there (one can never have too many pouches!)

                    I had never really considered the Ego because of its size, but within the last month or so, while browsing the site every 10 minutes or so, I was drawn to the aesthetics of the Ego. I knew the Super Ego would be way too mondo huge for me, so I started looking at the Ego. Keep in mind that this was after I already had my Cocoa/Cocoa/Wasabi Imago (thanks to a trade with @moriond) and my Navy/Solar Pilot. I really enjoy carrying messenger bags now that I'm getting older and a lot of backpacks give me a Quasi Modo look that I don't really enjoy. I like blending into crowds and being unobtrusive. Side note...I fricken HATE crowds.

                    Anyway, I love the Imago, but I wanted a bigger horizontal messenger bag with a flap. I dig the the flap. My first Bihn bag was a 13" MBP Ristretto in Olive/Cayenne, and while I loved that bag, I realized how much I don't really like the vertical messenger bag thing. I opted to get the Pilot to carry my laptop since I had a Co-Pilot and loved its versatility and wanted a bag to carry my laptop in. I got rid of my Steel/UV CP because the steel was offensively greenish and UV is icky to my eyes. (I can handle small accessories in UV...don't gasp too hard, UV lovers). I also got rid of the CP and my Aubergine/Steel iPad Ristretto because I had decided that I could carry my iPad in my MCB, Imago, Pilot, and SA and S25 when need be, hence my Imago was officially dubbed the main iPad bag and the brand new Pilot was the laptop carrying bag.

                    Now, I LOVE my Pilot with the power of 10,000 suns. Seriously. I'm not going to go into the details and extent of this love, but you can probably about imagine. This is my designated laptop transporter and I've thought about using it as an overnight bag, but I haven't tried that part out yet. I also really love how it can be casual yet professional, so I decided that it's also going to be my teaching bag when I start substitute teaching on the side when school starts. However, when I was test packing it with more than he bare essentials, things were getting kind of tight. I had already designated my SA as my long hike/short clothes only trip/grocery carrying bag and my S25 was my laptop + lots o other junk bag. Guess what. I hate the idea of carrying a backpack into a middle or high school to substitute teach. There's an ick factor there for me. I also just don't like how an overstuffed S25 looks on me and I've always thought my SA was loads more comfortable, but I've been grasping at reasons to keep the S25 since it is a beautiful bag. Don't hate on me too hard, hardcore Synapse fans...I tried both the 19 and 25 and they aren't just for me. I definitely do drool over their sexyness, though.

                    After I decided that the Pilot might not cut it for me some days and I since I refuse to wear a backpack into school while subbing, I was back to trying to find another perfect bag to add to my arsenal. That's when I started eyeing the Ego again. I placed an order for one, got cold feet, cancelled the order, slept on it, and then ended up placing the same order again. My biggest fear was that it would look way too huge on me. I used to be very overweight, so I'm still getting used to being of a smallish size and I didn't want to look like I was drowning in a messenger bag. Remember, my goal is always hip, unobtrusive ninja ness. That's how I roll.

                    When I finally chased down the UPS dude (refer to my post in the TB Anticipation Syndrome thread) and opened up the box containing my Ego...the bag, I mean...it was love at first sight. Ermahgerd. Words cannot describe my love for this bag. It's super ninja, it doesn't look super mondo huge on me, it swallows about everything I throw at it, and it's pretty darn sexy.

                    I plan on using this bag for carrying stuff to school when I sub and then to work when I'm done subbing as well as when I need a bag for my laptop + lots o other junk. I want to do some grad school work at some point, and I think the Ego could probably handle it. It's going to carry my laptop, lots o other junk, and my books when I start studying German in my free time again. It's going to be my overnight companion when I go visit my parents and take my laptop. If I start doing conferences when I go full time with the company, it might be my conference bag (it may have to fight the Pilot for this job). I can think of so many uses for my new ninja Ego and I'm so excited to get up in the morning and play with it.

                    Also, just so you know, I peed my pants a little when I looked a little closer at the inside when I got home from work and noticed that there are webbing loops to accommodate the cache with rails. YESSSSSSS!!! I don't have to buy a brain cell now!!! INSERT HAPPY DANCE!! The only thing I can think about changing on this bag would be a brighter interior color such as wasabi since steel is kinda dark and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna exchange he Q-AM strap for an Absolute strap.

                    Sorry about the novel, but I'm just so excited. I'll add some pictures of the interior and maybe some preliminary packs tomorrow!!


                      Originally posted by Moosezilla View Post
                      This is one of my favorite phrases/words that you use - I like to imagine how it sounds! I don't think you should apologize for writing a long post. As a bag nerd who stays up reading about packing lists and bag reviews, I appreciate it! I'm looking forward to the prelim pack posts - I also have a Pilot and am curious to learn more about how you use Ego vs. Pilot. Thanks so much for posting!


                        Moosezilla, THANKS for the novel! I have been eyeing the Ego for a work bag for me as I have to carry a number of books, lunch, SE, water bottle, another 8x10x2 zipper pack with some supplies, and sometimes some large folders. Great to hear it would take a cache in case I would need my computer with me, although that is rare. And I love that the main compartment has a zip, and the under flap pockets are accessible without opening the flap fully. And the stripes are too cool! Looking forward to your pics and lists.


                          I just got my Ego (my first TB bag!) and can share some thoughts as well.

                          I was looking for something to use as a computer bag/carry-on for my regular work travel, plus be able to function well for EDC to and from the office, etc. I went back and forth with the Synapse 19 and the Ego. In some ways I prefer a messenger as I find it's easier to find things once packed (no deep main compartment to bury things in) and without removing from my shoulder. I also think it looks a bit more professional than a backpack. On the other hand a backpack is more convenient in crowds and a better day pack once I've arrived at locations and have time to myself.

                          Right now I'm still trying out the Ego and deciding. At this point I'm still on the fence. Since the Synapse came available again in the color I wanted, I just yesterday placed an order and will compare them and send one back. My primary issues with the Ego are as follows:
                          - It is just slightly larger than I really wanted. I'm sure I will be able to fit it under the vast majority of airplane seats, but it's on the large size. It also feels a bit too large for me to want to carry it everywhere.
                          - The main pocket is still pretty deep, and with no color options for lining, it's kind of a dark hole. I'm using stuff sacks and a cache to organize things, but it feels cavernous.
                          - It doesn't sit upright securely. With much of anything in the front pockets it's constantly tipping over. I suspect if I regularly had my laptop in the cache this would be less of an issue, but most days I'd only toss my iPad in there.
                          - The main pocket under the flap is not super secure. The flap design is such that there is minimal coverage over this pocket, so anything loose in there is at risk of being dumped out. Not a huge issue, but noticeable.

                          So, it will be interesting to see how I like the Synapse in comparison...Having tried the Ego for a few days now, I can say that the large number of individual pockets on the Synapse looks appealing. The ability to store my water bottle and coffee thermos inside the bag also seems better - I like the bottle holders on the Ego, but with them both in use most of the time it will make an already large bag much larger. Will report back once I get the Synapse.


                            @jed, I totally understand your concerns. Personally, I'm more of a cavernous bag girl...I had tried the WF at one point, but that went to @moriond in a trade and I purchased the A30 when it debuted. I also am in the process of selling my A45 because it's just a tad too big for my needs and I kind of like two bagging it with smaller sized bags. I don't do a lot of airplane travel (maybe like once every few years) but I do do a TON of car travel, so I don't have the same concerns of it fitting under seats. I also don't mind the floppiness since I will always have it propped against a desk or wall while I'm subbing. I agree with the dark hole bit, but I think I can get use to it...and it'll give me a good excuse to maybe purchase a guardian light...

                            Here's our biggest difference, which totally made me giggle...I HATE using or encountering a backpack in a crowd. I immediately flash back to living in Berlin and the encounters I had with backpacks on the U-bahn and in Alexanderplatz. Oh, just waiting to get an ice cream...BACKPACK TO THE FACE when a loud American tourist decides to suddenly turn around in a tightly packed area and look at a pigeon. Just standing here on the U-bahn waiting to get to my stop...ERMAHGERD! SMERTHERD BY BERKPERKS! (translation..OMG! SMOTHERED BY BACKPACKS. Just practice...you'll get better at it ;) ). I also like being able to swing my messenger bag around my front really easily to avoid pickpockets. I just find backpacks to be more irritating and sweaty unless I'm out on the trails.

                            I plan on using the Ego most heavily during the winter, as I can easily throw a sweater in the main compartment since you never know what temperature a classroom or entire school is going to be sitting at. I'm super stoked to test out this bag and to share my findings with all of you! If anyone wants to call dibs on my Olive/Steel S25, let me know.
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                              @luvdabags, I'll definitely do some packing comparisons between the Pilot and Ego in the near future. I'm SO stoked about the rail loops in the Ego...no offense brain cell fans, but I wasn't looking forward to dropping that kind of money on something to suspend my laptop in a bag when I don't carry my laptop with me on a regular basis. I'm also looking to get a large organizer pouch for papers and such to specifically use in the Ego. So excited. Love pouches. Excuse me while I go canoodle with my Ego now...