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Where did your TB bag go lately

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    Where did your TB bag go lately

    Co-Pilot and PCSB went to Kennedy Space Center for Christmas eve.

    Click image for larger version

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    This summer the Travel Tray held a Beast while overlooking the Sea of Marmara. (Aeon, look how far your TT has traveled! :))

    Click image for larger version

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      Dyneema steel/wasabi S19 went to Santa Fe. Sorry, no cool bags pix with the snow and farolitos.


        My Conifer S19 and Steel/Iberian SCB went to Tokyo, Kamakura and Mt Fuji earlier this December; they did a great job (duh!), but I wish I'd brought a MCB instead for stashing hats, gloves, etc. on the go. Would've loved to take photos, but was with parents and there was no explaining to them why I'd be snapping photos of my bags at a temple. I did, however, convert them to using stuff sacks and packing cubes for more space-efficient packing. Hooray!

        ETA- My Icebreaker Cascade hoodie was pretty great, too. I wore it with a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt on top of a synthetic base-layer and that kept me warm enough at near-freezing temps. Goodbye, cumbersome wool trench coats :-D
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          My Aubergine A30, Verde/UV PU and Burnt Orange DLBP have just returned from Kosciusko National Park in Australia and will soon be heading away again for a 3 night trip to Tasmania.



            Prague with my S19.

            Click image for larger version

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            Berlin and the Berlin Wall with my S19.
            @mrbrown on Twitter, happy owner of a Black Original Halcyon A45, Navy and Burnt Orange A30s, Navy Tristar, Navy WF, Navy NFTD, Navy DLBC, Navy Pilot, Navy and Burnt Orange Co-Pilots, Navy, Burnt Orange, Nordic and Black Halcyon Side Effects, Burnt Orange, French Blue and Nordic Halcyon DLBPs, Linen SCB, Nordic Halycon S25, Nordic Halycon HsJ, Burnt Orange Maker's Bag, and Burnt Orange, Navy and Original Halcyon S19s (yes three, because they are THAT awesome).


              In 2014 my Co-Pilot (aubergine/wasabi) traveled to France, Italy, Greece, Rhinebeck NY, as well as driving to various points around Texas as my EDC. My matching A30 arrived in time for my trips to Greece and Rhinebeck (that drama and photos shared elsewhere in the forum). My MCB (azalea) went along to France, Italy, and Rhinebeck, my SE to Greece. I tried to give all my "big" bags a good year!


                Hmm I think this year the A45 and Co Pilot went the farthest from my home, to Washington, DC and Bruxelles. My LCB, CP and LSs did some traveling through Germany, and day trips to France.


                  My Aeronaut went to Maine and NYC with me. And to England, Scotland, and Ireland without me. (With a friend)


                    Originally posted by Rocks View Post
                    And to England, Scotland, and Ireland without me.
                    These bags do seem to have lives of their own...


                      My MCB went to First Night Hartford, and is shown here at the Wadsworth Atheneum. Click image for larger version

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                        A45 went to Idaho, Northampton, MA, and Puerto Rico; NFTD to NYC, Tulsa, and Puerto Rico; DLBP to NYC, Northampton, MA, and Puerto Rico; MCB to Idaho and Columbia, MO; SCB to Puerto Rico, and the S19 to Tulsa.

                        The A30 and Swift are looking forward to a trip to Florida later this month.


                          Great idea for a thread... Thanks for sharing, everyone.
                          My Synapse 25 came with me for a week-long trip to North Sumatra. My companions could not believe just how much I had put in there, and I was extremely happy that I could always find just what I needed.
                          Here we are together at Lake Toba:
                          Click image for larger version

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                          Synapse 25; Tri-Star w/FS; Aeronaut 45; Pilot; Small/Med Cafe Bags w/FS; Snake Charmers; Travel Trays; DLBC; DLBP; Side Effect; Side Kick; Empire Builder; Parental Unit
                          (Caches; Stuff Sacks; Packing, Mesh & Clear Cubes; Passport & Organizer Pouches)
                          Proud to display "Tom Bihn -- Made in USA" no matter where I travel in the world!


                            Las Vegas.

                            And it's bags, plural. Came by car, and I was a lazy packer. If in doubt, don't leave it out, was my theory this time around. This was not a trip through exotic airports involving tiny planes, miniscule max-load limits, and doing laundry by hand every 18 hours. This is "get there, dump stuff in a room, spend most time outside that room, then reverse." Each *day* I'm pretty carefully packed into my Super Ego or Synapse, though. And they'll all get re-packed for the trip home.

                            - Aeronaut's full of clothes. Have been intrigued by the recent discussion here on BluffWorks trousers; would be nice to have a 2-trouser trip; I am amazed by the Icebreaker gear that a different discussion here got me into; would be great to get by with a few changes of shirts, socks, and underwear.

                            - Super Ego is currently packed with video gear for doing video interviews on the floor of CES. Video camera, tiny audio mixer, a wireless mic, a wired mic, batteries, cables, etc. (I see a lot of people, more each year, using phones for this, but the video camera isn't the biggest part -- it's mostly the mics and associated gear.) Carrying a Mogopod monopod-with-tripod footer, too; it's too long to stick as-is in Super Ego, but I've added a large split ring on one zipper pull, and a carabiner on the other, so I can wrap around it with enough tension.

                            - Synapse 25 is a grab bag, though I might use it as the video bag one day this week. The one major ommision that would make it my first choice for this is a great spot to put my monopod. With the SuperEgo, the way I wear it, having a slight gap in the central compartment's zipper doesn't bother me much, but with a backpack, I'm a bit more nervous about having it other than fully zipped or at least secured. Could figure out a system w/ split rings and elastic, but it doesn't work exactly as it does on the Super Ego. Solveable problem, I guess, but eventually I plan to replace my Brain Bag, too. Brain Bag would be a better match.

                            - Night Flight was my passenger for the road trip here; grabbable snacks, MP3 player, kindle, folded map section for easy reference (GPS stays set for ongoing stuff, but easier to use paper for quick reference -- text entry is fiddly for frequent changes), that sort of stuff.

                            - Daylight Briefcase came along, last minute, with some oddments that I wanted handy but hadn't already packed. On the way home, it will likely be full of business cards and bits of company propaganda ;).


                              My Aeronaut 45 PCBP has been going to dragon boat paddling practice since December.

                              Background: I have been carrying my paddling gear in a large TB shop bag. It works, but the uneven weight and sizes of the stuff I haul means the bag does not stay up and things fall out.

                              So I wanted something that zips shut, light and easy to wash after each practice session. The DLBP looked like it would work for my purpose, but life happens and by the time I called the crew, the dyneema version was out of stock.

                              Meantime, in the process of downloading stuff, I found my Aeronaut 45 PCBP that I had put away. Its size and shape gave me the idea that it is the "near perfect" bag to haul my gear for dragon boat paddling.

                              This is it packed for this evening's practice (after work):

                              What are in the bag:

                              In the pocket:
                              Pair of cheap Crocs - they are light and easy to wash.
                              Pair of paddling fingerless gloves.

                              In the main compartment:
                              At the bottom is my inflatable PFD, a West Marine brand Model 8846917 for those of you on my side of the pond. Please note that this PFD is fairly short.

                              32 oz bottle of water. On hot days, I use various insulated water bottles, including a 40-oz hydroflask (it fits).

                              Foam block - being too short, I use this foam as a footpad. My legs do not reach the footpads under the bench in front of me :)

                              Inside the iberian TB travel sack - it is size 2 - is my team jacket. The jacket lives in this sack.

                              Clothes - paddling capri pants, smartwool crew t-shirt, super thin/light cotton blend long sleeve polo shirt from Gap. I wear the latter (or something similar) over my merino wool shirts because I had the unfortunate experience of putting a hole in a favorite merino shirt and capri pants during paddling practice - from them rubbing against the side of the boat.

                              When I change into my paddling cothes, I put my work clothes in a TB shop bag (large or small - whichever I grab on my way out the door - I keep several in a basket by the door). The PCBP goes in the boat with me.
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