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Where did your TB bag go lately

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    Originally posted by BagAddiction View Post
    Co-Pilot at the Vatican. It’s several years old but I remember taking the pic to share it here, but never joined the forums. I finally joined today so here I am and here’s my first bag pic :)
    Originally posted by G42 View Post

    Welcome BagAddiction ! It's a great photo, regardless of when taken 🙂
    I really like the color. That’s your Co-Pilot in Indigo Ballistic Nylon isn’t it? I remember when it debuted for the Tri-Star (that I still carry). To see more pictures, I’ll point you to Kismet! My Indigo family would like to announce the newest addition.... where you can see how ncb4 finally added in her Co-Pilot in Indigo 1050d Ballistic Nylon.



      On my way to vancouver airport… direct to Newark for three night conference.
      almoat all my clothes in two TB packing cubes - a book that I don’t want messed up is wrapped in a packing cube backpack. Toiletries in a 3D ORGANIZER CUBE, CLEAR. I carry my side effect all the time and it has the bonus of the “clip to seat back Pocket” trick on a plane!
      Synik 30 I’ve been using nonstop since getting it a couple years ago - it’s amazing.
      thanks to everyone at tom Bihn and the forums!


        I’m hot and sweaty walking through the airport and getting ready for a five hour flight. Wanted to take off my big long jacket and not carry it around. So I stuffed it into my synik! A sweater and most of the Sunday New York Times is still there in addition to iPad Pro (the big one) with magic keyboard and a MacBook Air! And two water bottles.


          Last update before plane takes off… a pic for those who didn’t know about the side effect “clip to back of seat in front of you” trick!


            Originally posted by afstein View Post
            Last update before plane takes off… a pic for those who didn’t know about the side effect “clip to back of seat in front of you” trick!
            I just decided to pull the trigger on a Side Effect I'd been eyeing, and seeing your post here sold me a pair of swivel carabiners to go along with it. I'd slept on the Side Effect originally, probably lumping it mentally with things like the HLT, which I don't have much of a need for. Giving it another look in more recent times, it really appears to be a surprisingly versatile pouch - and slim enough that it'll be no problem getting it to lie flat in a carry-on bag during the packing process. I like that I could potentially use it as an admin pocket in an EDC pack OR a travel pack...and of course, hang it off the back of the seat like a boss.


              I wanted to get a picture of my Taiga Paragon sitting in front of the Falcon, but it was so crowded, I couldn’t make it work. So you can see its straps on my shoulders. 😂 It was a KILLER theme park bag. Not to heavy or hot, but a surprisingly great capacity. And it handled some rain as well.


                Picked up another Copilot from someone on Ravelry (thanks again!) in my favorite Original halcyon... Took it today, as I wait for the work being done on my car.

                Car receipts and Kindle in one front pocket, water bottle in it's pocket, and medium YSS in the main compartment... I've recently taken a knitting class (I'll never get up the beginner learning curve without some hands on help, so finally just did it) and it works well for this small project

                Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20220311_171522167.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.58 MB ID:	339053
                Last edited by G42; 03-11-2022, 09:34 AM.
                I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


                  With the EC Cubelet in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (my DLBP was left in the cloak room).


                    What do you do when maintenance in your building accidentally trips the fire alarm three times and there’s a chance it may go off who knows how many times in the middle of the night? Grab your trusty Pop Tote and Grab Bag, pack a change of clothes and toiletries, and find a nearby hotel, of course. :)
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                      Enjoying the cherry blossom with my Daylight Backpack...

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3993.jpg Views:	0 Size:	394.4 KB ID:	339687
                      ...spread joy in your neighbourhood (and not Corona!)
                      current bags: Smart Alec, Guide's Pack, Guide's Edition S25, Luminary 15, Daylight Backpack, Aeronaut 45, Tri-Star, Road Buddy 36, Daylight Briefcase, Small Yeoman Duffel, bits and pieces


                        The Nordic S25 went to San Diego recently. We visited the zoo, a few places around Balboa Park, and Legoland.


                          Click image for larger version

Name:	0C90DFDE-1F92-49AF-8E1A-864D91D6238F.jpg
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                          My Aubergine Pick Up Truck and Nightwalk/Tidal Side Kick kept me company today while my car was in the shop today.


                            My Navy/Solar Tri-Star and I went to London last Sunday. Just one night in a hotel and one day in the office, then home - but it was the first time I've done that since 6th February 2020 when COVID started kicking off seriously. It felt very strange, after all that time, and a bit twilight zone; but the old reflexes kicked in very quickly...

                            Before COVID I tended to use my A30 to the exclusion of all else on those work trips. If it wasn't the A30, then it was the A45. This time, as I was going to be carrying two laptops (personal MacBook pro and a work 15" Lenovo * ) the A30 wasn't really an option. I could have upsized to the A45, but then thought "that 15-inch Lenovo would fit in the centre section of the Tri-Star" and so it was. The TS and I haven't ever really bonded until now: I've always found its format too structured and limiting, and preferred the more laissez-faire, "live-out-of-able" duffle Aeronaut designs, but this trip really proved its worth and demonstrated its niche.

                            Another thing which has changed during the last 2 years is the type of clothing I'm wearing. Whereas it used to be polo shirts and cargo pants, I've smartened up a bit - feeling a bit more "put together" has helped with mental health and focus while working remotely, from home. If I'd schlomped into scruff order and sweatpants, I'd probably have succumbed to depression. So there were still polo shirts involved, but more structured clothing too. (Being paranoid, I never travel with just the exact number of days' worth of clothes - I always carry a spare!) And that fits better, ironically, in the more structured TS format. A couple of halcyon PCSBs slotted neatly next to each other in the rear compartment with clothing; laptops and chargers in the middle; grooming kit, bits and bobs, glasses, pens etc in the front compartment. It was underpacked with 2 days' business casual in it, and not heavy or bulging.

                            I have another 2-day trip to London planned for the next week, and I think the Tri-Star will be coming along for the ride again.

                            * in case anyone is wondering why two laptops, the personal one just because; the work Lenovo as well because with the onset of COVID restrictions over the last couple of years, $employer replaced all the office desktop PCs by rolling out laptops to all staff. All desks now just have a single USB-C docking station connecting an external keyboard, mouse and dual 24" monitors; people have to take their laptops to the office and plug in in order to do any work!


                              Some photos for consideration for anyone still mulling over the Road Buddy encore production...

                              I'm finishing a week long road trip for work, didn't have time for pics before I left.
                              This is a Verde 1050 RB36 with Absolute strap on the short side.

                              Left pocket:
                              Zest PCSB (so happy Zest is making an encore) with a hardcover book; Kindle; pajamas; 1pr merino boot socks; 1pr merino workout socks; misc stuff that I can't remember

                              A30 Large Laundry Cube in NWSky holding 1pr jeans; 3 work polo shirts; 1 casual shirt; 1 workout shirt; 1 workout pants A30 Small Laundry Cube in NWSky holding undies & bra
                              Pair of workout shoes in non-TB individual drawstring nylon pouches

                              Right pocket:
                              Dawn SSC for main toiletries including rechargable toothbrush and Dawn clear 3DOC with 'wet' toiletries
                              Tidal Medium Yarn Stuff Sack with a small project.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20220520_132309231.jpg
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                              Bag isn't stuffed, could easily fit more.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20220520_132412780.jpg
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                              I'm also carrying my Taiga/Taiga Paragon with work laptop; SSC with all the cords; files; headphones; E/T Cubelet; water bottle; coffee bottle; etc etc

                              The Paragon really is a bottomless pit once you get used to how to pack it... It can even hold my bump cap for work with all that inside!
                              I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


                                The last day my Smart Alec, Side Kick, and small Yeoman see the inside of my sibling's ICU room. Not the last hospital visit for the foreseeable future, but I'm hopeful that I won't see another room in this unit again. :) This is my go-to travel set up and I love it. The ability to attach my SK to the SA as an UMP and have one less bag dangling from my shoulders was clutch. Too many days I felt like the bag lady laden with 4-5 bags as I schlepped more stuff that my sib needed from the car to their room.

                                Smart Alec: lap desk, 13" laptop, lunchbox, 3 bottles of water, over the ear headphones in their case, wireless mouse, 3 chargers, and 2 phone stands.
                                SK: EDC plus 8" tablet
                                Yeoman: depended on if I spent the night, but it had a pillow or blanket hoodie, dopp kit, spare change of clothes and undies, a pair of thick socks, size 4 stuff sack for dirty clothes.

                                Click image for larger version

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                                Click image for larger version

Name:	tb2.jpg
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                                Long live Burnt Orange! Zest! 152!

                                EDC: Side Kick, Everday Cubelet, DL PCSB (planner pouch); Travel: Smart Alec + Side Kick, Small Yeoman Duffel