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2-4 day business travel bag combo advice

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    2-4 day business travel bag combo advice

    I am seeking your expert bag advice. I got a new job recently that will require me to travel by car for 2-4 days at a time. I've typically only traveled for leisure so my packing list for work travel isn't yet refined. However, here's what I'm guessing will be the approximate volume of the items I plan to bring:

    Clothing and other personal items
    One large A30 packing cube of clothing (or size equivalent)
    Heels (women's 6 so could be negligible)
    Running shoes (a maybe)
    Make up bag (roughly 5x7 inches)
    Wallet, keys, hand lotion, sunglasses

    11.6 laptop
    Computer charger
    Phone charger

    Office stuff
    2-3 letter sized file folders
    2 notebooks
    Pencil bag

    My first consideration is trying to work with what I already have. I currently own an A30, DLBP, and a SA (which I believe my husband is trying to steal). However, an A30 + DLBP may be too large for my purposes.

    Ideally, I'd like a bag I can take with me during the day for my laptop and other office items plus an overnight bag. I like the idea of buying either a Pilot or a DLBC to go with my A30. However, the A30 seems like it might be overkill especially on the 2-3 nighters. I was also considering buying a NFTD or a WF. Even if I bought those bags, I think I'd still need a briefcase type to accompany it. The NFTD doesn't seem conducive for an office environment and the WF may be too large for day use needs. Then I was thinking maybe an S19 or S25 because backpacks are better for your back in general.

    If my ramblings make any sense to you, I would love to hear your thoughts on what bag or combination of bags might best suit my needs. I would love to buy all the Tom Bihn bags but since that's not feasible, I'm graciously asking for your help.

    If you want to carry your electronics and office stuff all together, along with your wallet et al, I'd get a Pilot and use the SA for the rest of your stuff. Since it's meant to be a backpack, it will be more comfortable than the A30. That said, can you clarify what you'd put in the Pilot or DLBC at your final destination? It might fit in a DLBC, but I'm not sure about the size of your notebooks.

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      If a DLBC would work (see Pokilani's comment), you could place that into the A30 during transit and basically one bag it (since you're worried about the A30 being too roomy for a 3-4 day trip). having the convenience of a car doesn't mean you HAVE to overpack :-). Personally, traveling by car I'd be taking my own pillow!


        I'd stick with the Aeronaut because it's so easy to live out of when you're on the road, like a dresser or a trunk.
        As for the day bag, that's always the quandary, especially if you prefer backpacks (I do too). If the Daylight backpack is comfortable enough with your computer, I'd go with that. Maybe a cache for your computer, to take the sharp edges off.

        One good thing about the Pilot, though, is the padded handle, which makes carrying it by hand pretty comfortable.


          What about adding a PCBP to your A30?


            @Pokilani -- What I hope to pack in a laptop bag/day bag/briefcase is:

            Wallet, keys, hand lotion, sunglasses, 11.6 laptop, Computer charger, Phone charger, Mouse, 2-3 letter sized file folders, 2 notebooks, and a Pencil bag. I think my notebooks will actually be a letter-sized "padfolio" with an extra paper pad so not very bulky. Given this, would you recommend a DLBC over a Pilot? Or vice-versa?

            @Bijouxandbeads -- that's a really excellent point about the pillow. I hadn't thought of that. I know we're likely to stay in whatever hotel is available in Small Town America, so having my own pillow would help me get a better night sleep.

            I'm really not sure about the PCBP. I have used it hiking and honestly, I don't find it comfortable unless I meticulously pack it - as in, jacket is folded so there are no lumps or bumps, etc. I would be concerned about having to more discriminately pack my things up after a long day when all I want to do is throw my stuff in blindly.


              I second @Rocks comment. The A30 is a great bag as it is easy to live out of without having to unpack it.
              I love my DLBC and think your contents will fit well in a DLBC. The DLBC also will sit well in the top of your A30.
              Pack your A30, put your filled DLBC on the top, zip it up, tie a pillow onto the front of the A30 with a yoga strap (for exercising) and you have a perfect one bag travel pack!
              DLBC, WF, S19, Pilot, DLBP, PCSB, A30, SA plus other misc goodies.
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                I agree, I think a DLBC would work great in an A30. A Ristretto might also be good if you want that Ballistic professional tech look for your computer needs.

                If the A30 is like the A45 (I do not have an A30 but I do have an A45), it can be quite small if you do not over pack and minimally use the end pockets - so not too bulky or big which you are concerned about. I agree that the A30/A45 style bags are fantastic as a "bag you do not have to unpack" in the hotel - just remember to use the right orientation - flap open toward you as per how TB designed it for maximum versatility.

                If the size is still overkill for what you want, both DLBC or Ristretto can fit into a SA with room for your packing cubes / clothes. You have the added flexibility of using the bungie on the outside to carry your workout shoes or other bulky items.

                Hope this helps

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                  Oh geez, I hadn't even thought of the Ristretto. What a lovely bag. In the end, I did end up going with the Pilot and bought a new A30 because I couldn't resist the island interior. I'm super surprised at how much the Pilot can carry so I'm hoping it can double as an overnight bag on trips where the A30 might be too much. Thanks for the advice!