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    LOVE the idea of using the Guardian Light inside the Smart Alec, @Ilkyway. I have never thought of that! I intend to use my SA a lot more in the future, as it has been so helpful on my current trip. Wish I'd thought to bring the light this time.
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      I love seeing your Nordic SA with the matching UMP. I like mine with the steel UMP too but yours is an eyecatcher and no mistake. The light is a great help at times and lit in there does not disturbe anybody even in darker invoirments.

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        For those on the fence between Ballistic vs Dyneema, here's another data point- I just got the SA in black dyneema and now i <3 dyneema. Sure the SA does the "floppy" when under packed and it is a annoyance but for me it doesn't discount the textual aesthetic of the dyneema. I do wish the 400 plain weave came in the diamondy weave like the 200d wt but probably an added cost or maybe doesn't exist. As for durability, I was concerned about the 420d background filler in those dyneema squares but that doubled weight of the 200d (I'm used to from accessories), I think will stand up to humble civilian applications. Go team Dyneema!


          I'm also considering a SA to supplement my Tri-Star or S25. I'm wondering if anyone uses the SA with the Eagle Creek 18" (medium) folder, or can tell me if it will fit comfortably.
          Thanks, Steve


            Originally posted by giantsteve View Post
            I'm also considering a SA to supplement my Tri-Star or S25. I'm wondering if anyone uses the SA with the Eagle Creek 18" (medium) folder, or can tell me if it will fit comfortably.
            Thanks, Steve
            @giantsteve. Yes, the 18" Eagle Creek folder fits into the Smart Alec, but you have to carry it against the back wall. Take a look at my post (#12) in last year's Organizing the Smart Alec thread.

            I'll quote it below, and you can go back and read the discussion in the thread. The question was about the PCBP for TriStar and WF, so you know that the EC 18" folder takes up nearly the length of the TriStar large packing cube that this size PCBP can replace.

            Originally posted by moriond View Post
            @Ilkyway The answer is yes, the Packing Cube Backpack for the Tri-Star/Wester Flyer will fit into your Smart Alec, but it's a bit large, and you'll have to carry it against the back (taller part) of the Smart Alec. If the PCBP is packed full with inflexible items (like a ractangular metal block the maximum size of the bag, rather than clothes, etc.), and if you have the rest of the Smart Alec fully packed, you might have difficulty closing the bag. It's easier to use a Western Flyer Large Packing Cube, which is shorter, not as wide, and not as thick, if you want to pack this completely full (to the corners), and it may also be easier to use this cube in the Synapse 25 because of its slighltly narrower size. I know that wasn't the conclusion that @monkeylady arrived at in her thread on Tetris packing the Synapse 25, but her result assumes that you don't have anything in the cubes that completely fills the corners in a way that could stress the top corners of your (S25) bag, so you can "scrunch" that cube as needed. Here are some dimensions of accessories you might consider, including the PCBP that you asked about. Adding the specs for the WF Large Packing Cube and the Vertical Freudian slip

            The Smart Alec's dimensions from the product page are:
            18.5" x 11.75" x 7.75" / 470 x 300 x 200 mm

            The Western Flyer/Tri-Star PCBP dimensions are: 18" x 12.25" x 3.5" / 460 x 310 x 90 mm
            Volume (as a backpack): 18 liters (1100 cubic inches)

            The Western Flyer Large Packing Cube (TB0957) dimensions are: 17.6" x 11.7" x 3" / 448 x 298 x 75 mm 4 oz / 115gr

            Finally, dimensions of the Vertical Freudian Slip: 17" x 12" x .5" / 430 x 300 x 13 mm
            Weight: 10 oz / 280 grams

            Here are some quick pictures of the Western Flyer/Tri-StarPacking Cube Backpack (with only clothes inside), in a Smart Alec. Notice how high the top of the bag sits against the back of the Smart Alec. This zips closed easily, but I haven't loaded the bag.

            You'll find the PCBP a little large for your Synapse 25 mainly because the top corners come up against the tapered portion at the top sides of the S25. Take a look at my post in the Western Flyer and Eagle Creek Pack-It folder thread, and scroll up a few posts to see the pictures. Those pictures were taken to show relative sizes of the 15" and 18" Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders and the Horizontal and Vertical Freudian Slips in the Synapse 25, but the Vertical Freudian Slip, which is a popular accessory for organizing document papers and related stationary items and pens in the Smart Alec (and Brain Bag), is a pretty good representation for the profile of the Western Flyer Large Packing Cube and the Western Flyer/Tri-Star Packing Cube Backpack that is larger than both these items. To see how a Vertical Freudian Slip fits into the Smart Alec, take a look at the pictures in @briani's review of the Smart Alec.

            Now, if you actually put a Vertical Freudian Slip inside the larger PCBP and try to slip it into your Synapse 25, you can do it as long as you're willing to stress the top corners of the bag. And since the PCBP is both wider and taller than the Vertical Freudian Slip, you can see that fully packing it with items that do not let the bag be "scrunched" inside your Synapse, can also stress the top corners.

            HTH. moriond