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How do you like your Road Duffel?

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    How do you like your Road Duffel?

    Much as I love dogs, our current lifestyle isn't conducive to one (we travel way too often). Because of that, I never bothered to look at the "DOGS" section of the TB catalog, until someone posted photos of their Road Duffel.


    Many years ago, I gave my husband a gym bag that I got as a promo at work. One of those cheap freebie promotional items with the company logo stitched on the flap. He uses it most times when we have an overnight trip.

    Thing is, it's starting to show its age, and I don't know how long it'll last (especially when he stuffs it). I mean, it ain't no Tom Bihn; I'm just waiting for it to burst at the seams.

    So... Road Duffel. Do folks use it as their regular carryon/overnight bags? I'm kind of astounded at the price (so affordable!!) so I'm thinking of maybe getting him the medium (smaller) one. Do you like yours?

    And why is it so much cheaper than many of the other bags TB offers? Fewer bells and whistles?

    Under the reviews sub-forum is a great review of the road duffel.

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      I bought my husband a medium road duffel to use on overnight trips. He loves it!!


        Forum post: A brief look at the Road Duffel, Medium

        Current set-up: Black Dyneema/Solar MCB, Iberian 3DOC, COWs in Solar & Steel.

        Wishing for more color variety in Dyneema. Can we get a blue again?


          I just bought one off eBay so will be happy to give my thoughts when it arrives (next week). Am hoping it fills a nice spot between the size of the A30 and A45.

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            I'm actually considering this as a bag for when we travel with our dogs for multi-state visits. I think it might be less expensive than say, an Aeronaut simply because of the "less bells and whistles" factor. There's no hideaway backpack straps, which probably cuts down on a lot of the cost right there. And it has standard zips rather than the Aquaguard zips, which might be easier to sew in. I don't know of course, I'm just throwing ideas around
            But it's still made with amazing materials by talented people, so we all know it'll last a long time!

            Also, after seeing giuliof's review with the amazing pictures that al85 has linked above, I basically had to hide the wallet in the back of the freezer when I saw there were internal pockets. Internal pockets, people.
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              Wow, I had never noticed this duffle before either. great post, thanks!!


                I think one of the main reasons they're cheaper is because they're not lined with Dyneema.
                I'm still considering them for when we go camping. However, since that is unlikely to be this year, they're on the back burner for now


                  On the Skookum site, there was a great video for the road duffel. I found it here on YouTube.

                  ETA: in case the link above doesn't work you can try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=489jStIzLRc or Google "Skookum Dog Road Duffel"
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                    Originally posted by sujo View Post
                    On the Skookum site, there was a great video for the road duffel. I found it here on YouTube.
                    That video is awesome! Thanks for posting the link. It makes me want the dog and all the accompanying gear as I go on those adventures, especially since I recognize some of the places.
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                      Got my medium road trip duffle today and have been trying it out. Full disclosure, I have no dogs. This bag is selfishly just for me.

                      Some first impressions. It's a nice size, smaller than I thought (which is good) but like the aeronauts, swallows stuff with ease. It's a nice size in that is bigger than my Tristar but smaller than my old A45 which I had sold as it was too big.

                      I notice that it doesn't have a lining (nylon or dyneema) so the inside of the bag (other than the dividers) is the rear face of the ballistic fabric. I don't think this is an issue though as the ballistic is super tough.

                      I do like the coyote trim with the black ballistic. It gives it a slight 'heritage' look which is always good for travel gear.

                      I like the more square look of it to the Aeronauts which are slightly curved. Feels like a bigger NFTD.

                      Ends pockets perfectly hold a PCSB and have room to spare if you use a small Tristar packing cube for shoes (size 9).



                      It can also hold a DLBC or Pilot in the main compartment. I think I'm more likely to use the DLBC as it is thinner and won't take up all the space.

                      The mesh pocket on the outside of the end pocket is very cool and useful. Also the additional side straps (likely used for strapping on a larger jacket in my case) are useful. As are the side and top points for clipping the shoulder strap to. These little features differentiate it from the Aeronauts.

                      No backpack straps but I can live without those.
                      The carry handles when joined with the poppers are directly above the main opening so you need to unclip it each time you need access.
                      The metal strap hooks also dangle over the main zip which requires you to push them out of the way when you open the bag.

                      For the price, this is a scaled down but very functional travel bag which I think is a perfect size. Even the negatives are minor. I can see myself using this a lot for road trips and even on non business travel/flights.

                      A very cool bag.

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                        Thanks -- love your review and all your photos!