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Traveling with a partially empty Aeronaut 45

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    Traveling with a partially empty Aeronaut 45

    Hi all. I'm in the market for a new carry on bag and I'm thinking of getting an Aeronaut. I'm coming from a 38L top loading backpack that's comfortable to carry but a pain to live out of. The capacity for my backpack is pretty good for me- I could probably do with a little bit less but I think going down to the 30 would be too small (I really wish there wasn't a 15L difference between the two options!).

    So if I buy the 45 but don't max it out, will I have problems carrying it? Will it sag or bulge or otherwise be uncomfortable?


    It will probably sag, but it won't be uncomfortable. If you're already used to carrying a backpack, I think you'll love traveling with an Aeronaut. The reason I prefer it to a backpack is it becomes a trunk at your destination.
    The Aeronaut 30 wasn't available when I got mine. Some people say the Aeronaut 30 is better for smaller people, but I am not one of them, being small myself. A friend who's the same size as me (dinky) is currently borrowing my bag for the second time.

    p.s. welcome!

    p.p.s. I've never packed it full, as I hate carrying a heavy bag.


      I've done it and it still works. I use packing cubes when I pack (Pez style per @ewalker's thread on packing the A45), so it just made sure they were on the bottom of the main compartment. Yes, it did sag, but no issues with carrying or using it.


        Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely be using packing cubes, I have a few Eagle Creek ones and will likely try out some TB ones as well.

        I'm on the small side myself (just 5'2) so I'm hoping it isn't too big for me, especially if I don't overpack it. I'll have to do a test run for my standard 1 and 2 week trips.


          There was a Thread a while ago about a sagging A45. From what I remember you should not get a dyneema version, if you want to underpack.


            Got it. I was thinking of getting the ballistic nylon anyway since I don't like the black dyneema as much.