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Another bag advice please

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    Another bag advice please

    Hey folks. So ive got an A45 incoming. Now looking to see what you guys suggest as a day bag.

    I currently have a 15 L backpack that is used to carry my laptop, passport and other small things, while I carry my main backpack on my bag while flying. Normally carry my small backpack on the front. When I am at my destination it gets used as a day bag and when I am at work it's also my daily use bag. I normally walk a lot with my day bag.

    I'm thinking of the western flyer or the pilot. I got my a45 in coyote so I'd probably get matching colour of my second bag.

    I have one concern with each bag.

    The western flyer I think is too big for my "secondary bag" needs (not talking flying regulations wise, just volume wise). I just don't have that much stuff. Especially not when using it as my day bag. I quite like the way this bag packs. You can compartmentalise or open it right up.

    The pilot though has no backpack straps. I've never been a shoulder carry person. But as I said I don't carry much in it. I already have an absolute shoulder strap coming. Plus it's rigid in its packing method. Ie there's 4 different shaped compartments and that's it. I'm not sure on its comfort level in shoulder position walking long distances.

    I wish they made the pilot with backpack straps!

    Anyway please provide opinions. Looking forward to hearing them


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    Maybe a Synapse would work, as it has the organization compartments like the pilot in backpack form. If your machine is 13 inches, a Ristretto would work also, and that is a great bag for laptop and daily bits if you like the vertical format of a messenger type bag. But if you walk a lot with a laptop, I always think shoulder carry gets heavy quick. Good luck with your choice!


      A Daylight Backpack might work. It has pockets on the inside which provide some organization and a zippered outside pocket. It is also available in coyote.


        My favourite combo so far has been to travel with the A45 and pull out the DayLight Backpack once i get to my destination.

        When packed properly, my DLBP fits into the end pockets of the A45 in there DLBP is my 11"macbook air, a raincoat, umbrella, power bank and an empty 500ml waterbottle. I find that when packed this way. I can get moving once i drop my A45 in a safe spot at my destination without having to take out stuff and repack.

        Alternatively, the DLBP can fit flat into an A45 or into tge side pockets when folded. I find that the compartments in the DLBP suit my compartmentalisation needs. Your needs may be different though.

        Have fun!

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          I would second the recommendation for the Synapse. Probably the S19 if you don't need the extra volume. It's similar to the Pilot in that it has tons of built-in organization.
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            Just to confirm - during your travels - you are looking to use a Western Flyer (WF) or Pilot instead of your 15L backpack.

            If so, I agree that the WF might be too much. It is essentially a luggage version of a Smart Alec (SA) backpack "Duffle".

            For the Pilot, there is a conversion I did to using the Q-AM Cross-Body Shoulder Strap with Stabilizer that allows me to wear it like a true courier style bag. It allow me to have the support and comfort that a backpack provides. Here is a link to the thread where I talk a bit about it (Don't have the Cross-Body Stabilizer Strap with Waist strap half attached but I can put it on and link it to one of the Pilot Shoulder Strap attachment points). Let me know if you are interested and want more info


            I do like @luvdabags idea of a 13" Ristretto. You could use the 1" stabilizer and the included Waist Strap attached of your Absolute Shoulder Strap to get the stabilization comfort you wanted. It is just a matter if you can fit everything into is as it is 9 L compared to your current 15 L backpack. Note - I add a bit more room by attaching a Side Effect (SE) to the back use some TB Parts (Double Carabiners or Single Gatekeeper Clips).

            Another option might be the Daylight Backpack (DLBP). It is 16 L - so similar volume to your current backpack and has excellent organization to hold things. Some neat functionality include:
            1) Ability to fit into the A45 backpack strap area for storage - See @taminca's thread - http://forums.tombihn.com/photos-vid...html#post70416
            2) Can fit the S19 Freudian Slip into the front pocket for organization or the S25 version in the main compartment - See @Badger's post - http://forums.tombihn.com/general-ba...html#post82843
            3) By expanding one of the shoulder strap to max, I can carry it comfortable over one shoulder like a shoulder bag. You could also hook the Absolute Shoulder Strap to the Waist Strap loop and the top handle to make it more shoulder back-like - See @Ilkyway's thread http://forums.tombihn.com/questions-...s-onley-2.html

            The S19 would work if you feel you need more volume than the DLBP

            Have fun mulling all the option!

            Hope this helps


            Edit: ... and the DLBP, S19 and Pilot comes in Coyote and are in stock to match your A45! Unfortunately the Ristretto 13 does not have Coyote as a color right now (not sure I ever saw it in that color yet either)
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              Dear Mus,

              I agree with the recommendation of the Daylight Backpack. You can carry it in addition to the Aeronaut 45, or inside it (which is what I would lean towards, as it's easier to manage one less bag when possible).

              Similar in size is the Synapse 19, if you prefer a little more built-in organization, specially a water bottle pocket. The Synapse 19 doesn't pack as thin into the Aeronaut 45 as the Daylight Backpack.

              Another option is the Packing Cube Backpack, if you are considering a backpack that you may pack into the Aeronaut. I have several times packed a Packing Cube Backpack inside another bag, used it at my destination, and then carried it as an additional bag for my return trip.

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                Between the Western Flyer and Pilot as a day bag I would go with the WF. It is so versatile, backpack, briefcase, shoulder strap, it has it all.
                We have a Pilot and it's great as a personal item to bring on a plane, but it seems that for the versatility you would like the WF is the way to go.


                  I have a Pilot, Western Flyer, Synapse 19, and Daylight Backpack, as well as a Packing Cube Backpack (for the WF). Out of all the bags, I would recommend the Daylight Backpack. If you like backpack straps, this bag is light and extremely functional. It can function as a packing cube (especially if you get it in Dyneema), and when you reach your destination, it works wonderfully well in organizing your daily carry items with its 5 o-rings and two pouch pockets, plus the front zip pocket. I like it so much, I'm using it as my EDC at the moment.

                  All of the bags are really wonderful, but I don't personally see the Western Flyer as a "side carry" bag usually. For me, the WF IS my main suitcase. If you were more inclined to a shoulder/cross body bag, I'd recommend the Pilot, but you already mentioned that's not what you typically prefer. What's nice about the Pilot is that all of your gear is reachable without having to slide the bag off your back. To mitigate that issue, though, you could always purchase a Side Effect along with the Daylight Backpack (the combo would be less than buying one of the other bags) and carry the Side Effect "fanny pack" style with your most necessary items.


                    I share the same view as many here that the daylight backpack is a great second bag (or daylight briefcase if you like that style instead). I have the WF and Pilot and they are great but the daylight options I think are better.

                    I think they work best due to their flexibility (of options).
                    1. They can be packed easily or used in transit.
                    2. They come in cordura colours like coyote.
                    3. They compare to their peers very well in terms of comfort and features (DLBP to Synpase 19 and DLBC to Pilot) but with less 'bulk'

                    Best of luck

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                      Another bag advice please

                      Thanks a lot for the replies. Great suggestions from everyone. I don't like the daylight backpack because it is exactly the same as my current backback, except my current one has padded backpack straps.

                      I really liked the comment about how shoulder carry bags are accessible without having to take the bag off your back. I think i'm actually going to give it a shot. Have the pilot in the shopping cart at the moment, as soon as payday comes around i'll make the purchase. Will see how I like the Aeronaut 45 and Pilot combo on a few trips and post pics and get back with my experiences. I will be flying back home to perth (where the bags will be waiting for me). Then fly on to Brisbane for a week, then fly back to Mali through Ghana. After that in December I am off to Iceland to chase the northern lights. Will let you know how it goes.

                      Thank you all

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                        Let us know and if you can post pics as well


                          Another bag advice please

                          I'm finally back home! And awaiting for me were these two beauties!
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445036730.058690.jpg
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ID:	297596
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445036755.703751.jpg
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                          Both exactly what I expected size wise. The coyote is more brown than I thought but I like the look of it in any case. Solid bags. The A45 fits quite well on me, considering I'm 160cm tall.

                          I find the pilot comfortable to carry with what I have, but will give feedback on its comfort after I actually do a trip or two with it. Next week flying from Perth to Brisbane for the first journey with it.

                          Thanks TB!!

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                            Another bag advice please

                            So people ask me what I travel with. Now I don't have much stuff to begin with. Not a man of material belongings. This is what gets me around the world anywhere for as long as I need. Anywhere from 3 days to 3 years, this is all I need. And it all is taken as carry on luggage. I hate checking luggage in. Never do it.

                            Firstly the main bag. It's the Aeronaut 45. All carry on of course.

                            So here's what's in it.

                            Side pocket 1;
                            - toiletries
                            - Emergency first aid/medicine kit
                            - Bag with my shemagh in it
                            - Bag with other necessities, like some paracord, cable ties, spare plastic bags, water proof bags for copies of passport etc.
                            - and for this trip (to Brisbane then back to work) a special gift of a havanathon survival kit by a friend. It's a three day cigar party in going to in Brisbane.
                            - On the very side there's also a pair of thongs (not in picture)
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341207.651394.jpg
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Size:	433.4 KB
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                            Side pocket 2
                            - Xikar 5 ct traveldor.
                            - Glasses case
                            - Plenty of extra room
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341286.257229.jpg
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Size:	420.1 KB
ID:	297612

                            Main pocket
                            - Two pairs of jeans (one wearing, one in bag)
                            - Board shorts, rashie and thermal top
                            - Three shirts (one wearing, two in bag)
                            - Three socks, 4 undies, 4 undershirts (wearing one of each rest in bag)
                            - Waterproof sea to summit bag for dirty clothes
                            - Pacsafe 5L travelsafe
                            - 3 kg of coffee that I need to take back to work with me.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341364.696735.jpg
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Size:	376.1 KB
ID:	297613

                            Clothes packed into small A45 packing cubes
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341403.933184.jpg
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Size:	411.4 KB
ID:	297614

                            All packed into bag
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341421.792184.jpg
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Size:	402.6 KB
ID:	297615
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341583.165284.jpg
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Size:	387.9 KB
ID:	297618

                            Then my "personal item". The Pilot.
                            In it there is;
                            - travel neck pillow.
                            - Smythson currency pouch that I use as my travel wallet for passport currencies, vaccination book etc
                            - Peak Eiger ultra torch
                            - My wallet. Yes it's a plastic zip lock bag from a remote control car part.
                            - Headphone case
                            - Red organiser pouch with minor electronics, usb sticks, iPhone cable, another copy of passport etc, SIM cards.
                            - Hand sanitiser
                            - Microsoft surface pro 2, power cables for it, universal travel adapter.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341454.525431.jpg
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Size:	405.8 KB
ID:	297616

                            And all packed
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445341478.304530.jpg
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                              Thanks for sharing @LordAnubis. I really love love love packing posts with pictures. Packing is a hobby of mine so I always enjoy seeing how others pack light.

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