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Accessories for Daylight Backpack?

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    Accessories for Daylight Backpack?

    I gave my son a DLBP and he said he loved it, but it was a little inconvenient for the small things he threw in there for the day. Which accessories would you experts recommend? A Q-kit, organizer pouches, smaller stuff sacks? I realize it depends on what he intends to carry, but because I'd like to surprise him, I don't want to ask. Perhaps there's something that's very versatile so I don't have to ask. He also loves the A45 I've given him.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Accessories for Daylight Backpack?

    Dear kgm,

    One of the things I would highly recommend for the Daylight Backpack is the Synapse 19 Freudian Slip! It is a great way to organize and carry a great many accessories! I use mine in not only the Daylight Backpack, but I transfer it into and carry into other bags. I have a Horizontal and Vertical Freudian Slip, for the times that I do a long term shift into a larger bag. But otherwise, the Synapse 19 Freudian Slip is what I carry with me inside the Daylight Backpack, Western Flyer and soon inside the Synapse 25.

    I have it with me now, inside the Western Flyer...

    Just got home, and here it is, back in the Daylight Backpack...

    It holds a battery charger, hand lotion, pen, lip balm, AC adapter for my laptop, a Small Organizer Pouch that holds a number of adapters, USB stick, AA and AAA batteries. It also houses a Mini Organizer Pouch with a number of cards, a book, and some papers.

    As you mentioned, stuff sacks, the Q-kits, and organizer pouches are a great way to organize! The organizer pouches come in a number of sizes, in fabric, mesh, with clear urethane on one side, a double version, a 3D organizer cube. Are there certain things he always carries? We can consider how those things can best be carried. You can also get a variety and see suits his needs.
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      @kgm I personally use both the medium and small double organizer pouches, as will as size one stuff sacks, QKit, and clear organizer wallet in my Daylight Backpack. I like the way the organizer pouches can fit into the elastic pockets in the main compartment. Extra key straps are also super useful.

      One thing you could consider, which is illustrated in this thread in post #22 with pics by Badger, is a Freudian Slip for the Synapse 19: http://forums.tombihn.com/general-ba...ynapses-2.html. I think there are other threads that mention how it fits in the Daylight Backpack, but my searching skills are wanting this afternoon.

      ETA: Oops! maverick beat me to the Freudian Slip recommendation
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        Thanks Maverick and Kathryn. I never even thought of the Freudian Slip! While that seems like a great idea, I think I'll send a few organizer pouches and/or stuff sacks and a Q-kit. I know my son used his DLBP for light hiking so I think those will give him the most flexibility.


          No matter what, I always carry a Small and Mini Organizer Pouch for small items. In the Small: Advil, hand sanitizer, lip balm, mints. In the Mini: TB Ultrasuede cloth, pen refills, Leatherman Juice multitool. I can also squeeze a pocket knife in there too.

          To carry my Field Notes and other small books, I use a Mesh 3D Organizer Cube. Like everyone else, when I need to carry a lot of office-y things or little bits, the Synapse Freudian Slip is super handy. If I have that, I can ditch the Cube.

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            Another one to consider is the pocket pouch, which I love because I don't have to unzip anything. I use it for a glasses-cleaning cloth and a pocketknife. There is a thread about how people use it too.


              Thank you for all the great suggestions. I ended up getting a small Q kit, a medium sized stuff sack, and will look through my organizer pouches for a size/color he might like. Hope these will work for him. Otherwise, I could always use them