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S25 + Aeronaut45 for Travel

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    S25 + Aeronaut45 for Travel

    How do these sound as companion travel bags? I don't travel except on vacations so it isn't very frequent, but I'd like a carry on that maximizes my ability to rely on one bag for as many needs as possible. My thoughts are that I'd love the A45 to serve as only one bag, for a carry on, and to be able to pack away the S25 within the A45 so that I also have the option of a backpack whenever I arrive at my destination. I know about the PCBP and PCSB but feel like the S25 would just be so much more versatile and then I could always wear or carry it as an additional bag on the way back if I end up with more things.

    Also, I am trying to avoid buying a third bag just for the occasional trip where the S25 should hopefully work. I know two backpack style bags aren't ideal for travel which is why I'd hope to either pack the S25 or avoid overpacking the A45 so that I could rock it as a shoulder bag.

    I carry that combo routinely for work travel, as the S25 is my mobile office.

    I wouldn't carry them together for vacation, for a few reasons. First, I don't need that much volume for what I usually take on vacation. Second, the S25 doesn't pack particularly flat inside the A45. Third, I don't need that much for a day bag when I get where I'm going. For me the DLBP is better in that situation, as it does pack flat and is still a very capable backpack for daily use. I do use the A45 PCSB as a day bag, too, but I don't have any of the PCBPs to compare for you.

    All that said, I have and love both the A45 (which was my first TB) and the S25, and do frequently carry them together for travel, so I can't really recommend against it, except for the packing one inside the other bit.

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      I agree with Kathryn. That's a great combo. They're the two bags that I bought first. You could use them. You're right that the S25 can cover some trips on its own. So that's good.

      But a packed A45 and a packed S25 would be a bunch to carry. Doable. Just heavy. (The Absolute Strap might help.) So I imagine myself going with my A45 and DLBP because the DLBP is easier to pack inside the A45 and because it is smaller.

      Again, you can't go wrong. I warn you that you might buy the A45 and S25, then find yourself coveting a DLBP as well. I did those, and now I'm supposed to get a WEstern Flyer and Daylight Briefcase delivered tomorrow. It is addictive.

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        That is exactly what I'm considering Fulton, I've had a number of bags over the years that I've been somewhat happy with but would like to get ones that can be solid investments for years to come. So far, only on day two of owning the S25, and it is hands down the best bag that I've owned. Ultra organized, sucks up everything I've thrown at it for EDC with room to spare. Also have a small organizer pouch and SE in there along with the Cache for good measure and it performs brilliantly. I may get a Freudian slip, especially because I bring some papers two and from work, but otherwise it is perfect.

        The A45 seems like the perfect travel bag since I don't travel that frequently but it could be used for other purposes as well as an awesome carry-on. I like the idea of the PCBP and PCBC but feel like the actual straps and lack of padding wouldn't be ideal for what I would want. The DLBP seems to be a well suited balance as the DLBC likely would be too, just trying to avoid considering yet another bag, especially since it wouldn't necessarily need to be used that frequently since the S25 meets my typical needs just about perfectly. Decisions, decisions, yet again.


          The DLBP is not the amazing comfort of the S25, which sells me every day when it feels good empty or stuffed. But the DLBP straps are more comfortable than I ever expected. I made a completely arbitrary decision to start packing very lightly, which aimed me towards the DLBP.

          And remember there are ways to pad the DLBP with the stuff you put inside. As I have posted before, diapers and wipes fit perfectly and pad comfortably in the DLBP's interior pockets. So you could really commit to Tom Bihn bags and adopt a baby for the comfort. [emoji3]


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            Reviving this thread with some more thoughts, first thanks for all the suggestions so far. Seems like the DLBP would be a great option. Next, my intention would be to try to flat pack the S25 in the A45 and then use the S25 as an EDC on trips so I wouldn't be carrying both, fully packed, on the trip. As you folks have pointed out it doesn't sound ideal as the S25 doesn't pack particularly flat. Here is another thought - what about a Small or Medium Cafe Messenger in dyneema as a lightweight and small alternate? Generally, I like to carry a small water bottle, some books, maybe a small tablet, keys, etc. during a vacation. The S25 would certainly be more than up to the task, but could the Small or Medium Cafe handle these items?

            I'd imagine these would pack much better in an A45, too, and would give me an over the shoulder alternative since the A45, as a primary bag, would be best worn as a backpack.


              Scratch the last post - decided to pull the trigger and just ordered the DLBC in Dyneema and Cocoa so I could get a feel for each. I think I like the looks of the Cocoa more, plus this will provide some variety from my Olive & Verde bags, but the Dyneema may be better since I intend on that being a smaller EDC vacation bag. I think you folks are right with the pairing. As I already have the S25 I figured it would make more sense to get a DLBC since I already have one backpack in the S25. This would give me one huge carry-on, an A45, a small and very packable EDC in the DLBC, and my typical EDC and light travel bag as the S25. May end up with one more bag than I had wanted but I think this should fit quite nicely.


                @jhnmason, I like the Daylight Briefcase a lot, but it works best for flat-packing items. You might get more mileage out of a Cafe Bag if you need to carry items that require more depth. And despite the fact that the Synapse is my favorite backpack, the Daylight series (including the Daylight Backpack) affords more complementary advantages than you might think -- especially because of the ability to fold and roll it up for carry in other bags (including putting this into the back pocket of the Daylight Briefcase!)

                Just my thoughts - YMMV. I'll add that I never really picked up on using the Aeronaut's Packing cube Backpack as a Backpack, because, unless I was only using this for lighter items (like jackets), the fact that you have to be careful about distributing weight of its contents in order to make this a comfortable carry. The shape of the Daylight Backpack (closer to the Synapse, in its ergonomics with the taper at top), and the fact that the tiered pockets distributed the carrying weight, and didn't let everything fall to the bottom of the bag, were what made this a reasonable backpack style for me. And it holds more than the Daylight Briefcase. I like them both (Daylight Briefcase and Daylight Backpack), but you should be aware of whether you'll need more depth for your items.





                  Thanks for the feedback on both. I was thinking that about the DLBC and am trying to consider what I'd ultimately use it for. Right now, I'm assuming this secondary bag would be used on vacations and some travel where I'd generally be carrying around a book or two, pens, possible a tablet or laptop, water bottle, and other small knickknacks. With these I don't think I'd need too much depth as I never carry a huge water bottle, usually just a 18oz Klean Kanteen.

                  I'd wonder, how would a Medium Cafe Bag pack in an A45? Probably not as flat as the Daylight series, but still seems like a viable option. I am still thinking the secondary bag should probably be a shoulder one since I'd want the A45 as a backpack while traveling, plus a shoulder bag is convenient when you need to grab a quick item.

                  If anyone could do a picture or comparison to show a Medium Cafe Bag going into an A45 that'd be awesome.


                    Bit late to the party here, but this is my go-to combination for all travel of a week or less. Yes, the S25 doesn't lie flat at the bottom of the A45, but then I don't need all that space above it anyway for a week's worth of travel. On my last business trip, I was also able to keep documents and cables, etc in the S25, saving myself some room (or seeming to anyway). Once I reach my destination, it's S25 out, pack with my EDC stuff (which usually includes a laptop, an iPad, camera, water, etc etc, depending on purpose of travel). I've got a bad back (or bad posture mostly) so I need the S25 as my backpack during a trip, anything else I've found just doesn't cut it.

                    I've used this combination 3 times in the last year, and it hasn't failed me yet. Which is a shame, as I really want to buy more TB stuff, but until I find a gap in my luggage needs, I can't justify it


                      I often use a Medium Cafe Bag in my Aeronaut 45. It makes a great combo. I often put my in-flight needs in the MCB and pull it out of the A45 right before I get on the plane so I have it at my seat.
                      Eat well, travel often.


                        What about the Smart Alec? When not carrying a lot you can use the bungee to make it smaller and it will pack pretty flat.



                          Awesome, sounds like you're describing exactly what I am hoping for. With this in mind, seems like this could certainly serve a dual purpose. @Nukediver, sounds good to me, too, which is why I ordered the MCB in Dyneema, plus having 3 bags overall isn't so bad even though I was hoping to just go with two. If I find that the S25 packs flat enough for me I may just go with that but I have a feeling I'd dig having a small shoulder bag available.


                          Before I bought the S25 I had ordered both a Smart Alec and S25 and found the S25 just fit my needs perfectly. The built in organization sucks up anything that I throw at it and just seemed to feel right. I can appreciate the SA and it seems like an awesome bag, just not my awesome bag. Looking forward to getting this order on Monday though. Will get to check out the A45, DLBC, and MCB all at once plus some accessories. A45 I am assuming will definitely be a keeper while only one other bag will be kept, tops.


                            Keep in mind as well that the DLBP can double as a packing cube, especially for underwear, socks, and t-shirts. Even if you end up not needing it, you have a use for it and it's along for the ride "just-in-case".



                              While I don't have a DLBP on order, it certainly isn't out of the question as I've thought of that myself. Still trying to avoid getting more than 3 bags total and I like the Combo of S25, as an awesome EDC and versatile backpack, A45 for my One Bag for traveling, and currently am thinking the MCB will be my bag within a bag for when I arrive at a destination or take things out on a plane. Quite honestly, with how I roll on a plane, not overseas flights anyway, I could likely get away with just an SE and be fine. Monday will help and will be my first exposure to an all Dyneema bag.

                              Part of me wants to just make everything match though, Olive S25, Olive A45, and an Olive MCB, but the MCB isn't currently available in Olive.