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Spiff kit in a tri-star

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    Spiff kit in a tri-star

    Spiff kit in a tri-star

    I just got a tri-star for one / two night one-bag trips and I am looking for packing suggestions, primarily for how people are carrying their toiletries as I am considering getting a spiff kit as well.

    Currently I use three EC pack-it-sacks of varying size. On my first trip i struggled with where to pack them in the tri-star. Given that I wasn’t also carrying gym shoes or clothes this time I put the bags in a med TS packing cube in the front section. All the sacks certainly didn’t fill the packing cube (and I have since figured out ways to further reduce to volume I need to carry).

    Going forward I expect that I will generally pack: 1 -2 days of work clothes and gym clothes and shoes. I expect most of the work clothes (except perhaps undergarments) will go in the back section in a EC folder, and the shoes, gym clothes and undergarments will be fit in the front section. I haven’t tried to pack everything yet, but I think there should still be room in the front section (or rear) for the toiletries kit. I want to try and keep the rear section as flat as possible (so maybe I need to pack some of undergarments or other clothes flat in a large PC). Additionally, I would like to try and keep “hotel” items out of the middle section as I plan to have a small briefcase / portfolio there to pull out for meetings and on flights.

    In terms of the toiletries i should be able to get by with either the standard or deluxe spiff kit. With the standard I wold have the 311 outside of the kit (perhaps in a 3D organizer) and with the deluxe the 311 would be in the deluxe.

    - How do either the deluxe or standard spiff kit fit within the tri-star? Any packing tips?
    - How do other tri-star users pack toiletries efficiently?