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So, Maker's Bag or Pilot

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    So, Maker's Bag or Pilot

    I figure that by the end of the day I'll have ordered a new Bihn bag, I'm just not sure what I want, so help me out, forums! I'm looking for something for mostly a carry bag for when I go on day trips out of town on the train, a road trip for the day, etc. I'd want space for a water bottle (hydro flask 18 oz), a novel, maybe an umbrella, a pen, notepad, a 3D mesh organizer cube, and another small organizing pouch (not Tom Bihn, about half the size of a 3D Mesh cube). Maybe even throw my tablet in there.

    I figure the Pilot certainly can do it, but I like the look of the Maker's a bit more. If the Maker's can hold it, I figure I'll get it.

    Hmm. I know nobody has the Maker's yet, so I guess I'm just musing out loud here. What do people think?
    Medium Cafe Bag; Synapse 25; Aeronaut 45; Maker's Bag

    argh, I posted this in the wrong forum. Should be in bag questions. Arrgh.
    Medium Cafe Bag; Synapse 25; Aeronaut 45; Maker's Bag


      There are top open pouches on each side of the Makers Bag (inside the main compartment). I have one Kleen Kanteen 18 oz bottle in one of them, perfect fit.
      You would not go wrong with either bag so go for your estatic preferances.

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        Off the top of my head, the Pilot the advantage of being a briefcase-type bag. If you want a briefcase-style thingy, then the Pilot is your only option. Also, if you want to use it as luggage for a quick trip, there are packing cubes available for the Pilot.

        I wonder what packing cubes fit well in the MB?


          I agree with @Ilkyway - the Maker's Bag will fit what you have listed very well. I would perhaps choose the Maker's Bag for flexibility to occasionally carry more bulky items - like a DSLR Camera in a padded case. I fit a Camera I/O in my Maker's Bag but it was a bit too tall - I worked but it stuck out just a bit above and the flap was at its maximum extension - good IMHO but may not be what others may like (ie, a slightly shorting padded case would work perfectly).

          I have both the Pilot and Maker's and I would say it truly depends on style preference. I do however like the corresponding Freudian Slip option for the Maker's - you will have ultimate organization in you Maker's Bag.

          Hope this Helps

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            Some more comments: The Pilot is slightly longer than the Maker's Bag, and is more briefcase like (with a padded handle for hand carrying as well as wearing on a strap). If you travel with a rollerboard, the Pilot has a back pocket that you can also unzip and pass through the rollerboard handle. Since you aren't carrying a laptop, you don't need the webbing loop cache options of the Pilot, or its possibly longer size. There's a big difference in the internal organization of these two bags: the Maker's Bag lets you access a wider depth (the side view shows you the whole width can go to a single compartment). The dedicated water bottle pocket of the Pilot is nicely centered for balance, and has a separate drainage hole in case of leakage (or in case you use this to store an umbrella). In the Maker's Bag, you fit your water bottle into the stretchy mesh at the side of the bag. If there is condensation, it will be inside the bag, and you can perhaps fit wider water bottles into the Pilot than in the Maker's Bag (though this is not an issue in your case).

            The other difference is essentially the organization of the compartments, and whether you like to have them separated and zippered. (Some people like to only open the sections that they need). If you are carrying a small tablet, like the iPad Mini, it will fit in the widest center pocket in the main compartment of the Maker's Bag. The other pockets can hold your glasses case, or a portable folding Bluetooth keyboard. An iPad Mini will also fit into the dedicated Ultrasuede pocket in the left front zippered compartment of the Pilot.

            Although you cannot carry papers/files in an outside back pocket of the Maker's Bag, you can insert them into the zippered pocket on the back wall of the main compartment.

            One feature of the Maker's bag that may not have been emphasized in the pictures that were loaded is how configurable the pockets in the front zippered compartment are. I can fit a small stapler into one of these, while that's generally not something I can do in other bags -- I need to use a Side Effect or 3D Organizer Cube to hold it.

            I really like the Freudian Slip for the Maker's Bag, too (and it is also usable in the back compartment of the Pilot)




              I decided on the Maker's. I really would much rather have an EDC type bag than a briefcase type bag. I do like the Pilot, so one day I might pick one up, but today it was the Maker's.
              Medium Cafe Bag; Synapse 25; Aeronaut 45; Maker's Bag