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Meeting the Aeronaut 30

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    Originally posted by sarah_atx View Post
    Thanks! That's what I was thinking, it would still be scrunch-able. I was surprised how much room just one pair of his pants took when I test packed.
    What would he be using as his personal item? A Pilot would hold some of his stuff...


      He won't carry more than one bag, so no personal item. With a book or two he usually wants to bring, it seems like it would be pretty tight in the A30. Sometimes I bring a tote bag for personal stuff when we travel, but we both try to keep it in one bag just because it's easier. This is going to be a big step up from using our old college backpacks!


        Dear everyone at TOM BIHN,

        I love my Aeronaut 30!!!


        P.S. I hope you won't mind terribly - I know I said there would be pictures, but I filmed the packing test instead...

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          I have this color combo too--it's so gorgeous!


            Thanks maverick, that was a very comprehensive packing video!! Nice to see how the A30 still has room even after you've loaded it up. For reference, could you remind me how tall you are? (Taller than me, I've no doubt... )

            The one thing I didn't see you pack was shoes? You did say this was a test pack for India so I would assume even in the winter you're not going to need heavy footwear beyond what you might wear onto the plane. But even so, the A30 was not stuffed to the gills so you could conceivably put in a minimalist pair of sneakers, and/or flip-flops or Teva-style sandals - would you say that's true?

            Also, what personal item (if any) do you plan to take along with your A30? I've a hankering for a Maker's Bag, but I think that will have to wait till I've saved up some more pennies...

            Thanks again for the overview!! I must plan a trip now so that I can pack my A30!!