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Strength of Aeronaut 45 backpack straps?

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    Strength of Aeronaut 45 backpack straps?

    Hi, I'm using my A45 for the first time, and I have a kind of heavy load. I was a little concerned with the backpack straps. I can see that they are bartacked to the inner dyneema, but is that enough?

    PS, I'll check the weight when I arrive at the airport today. I'm moving back to the US after a LONG time abroad.


    Generally I use my A45 a a true one bag, including my day bag, and it tends to run 25-30 lbs, I think. (I haven't weighed it but I'm confident that's pretty accurate based on my hiking experiences when I have weighed my bag.) I carry it exclusively as a backpack and have at times schlepped it all over town, and the strap attachment points still look just fine to me. The entire bag is in great shape, in fact, after three years of reasonable (averaging 1-2 trips per month, often by car) use.


      I topped my clothes and such (15-20 pounds) with 3 bottles of duty-free on a recent trip and it didn't even occur to me to worry about the added weight. Maybe I should have, but the straps did just fine. I don't know what the total weight was, just that it was darned heavy compared to the starting load.


        @Rufus - I've also carried a 25-30 lb A45 in backpack mode quite a few times and have no concerns about the strap integrity. Additionally, I'll often use the waist and/or sternum straps with heavier loads which will reduce the stress on the bartacking.

        There's an older thread here which offers more explanation.

        Furthermore, if you own one of the new generations of the Aeronauts, I believe the bartacking is done on a strip of 400d dyneema to give even more reinforcement...additional discussion/info here.
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          I've gotten mine up to 40 pounds without difficulty. It's now over 5 years old and has survived all the abuse I've thrown at it.