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How to Clean ballistic

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    How to Clean ballistic

    I need some advice on how to clean a stain on the outside of my ballistic Cadet. Unfortunately I had a to-go container of leftover fajita meat from lunch land on the top of my Cadet when I had to stop quickly in traffic. I did not notice until I got home that a little bit of the fajita meat juice had spilled out of the container and left a short drip trail on my Cadet When I noticed it I just used water on a rag to wipe it off, but it did leave a mark, I guess from the oils from the meat's juice. Before I try anything like Dawn or Soak/Eucalan, I thought I would check here to see if anyone had any advice. I certainly don't want to cause any discoloration of the ballistic or ruin the water-resistance of it either.


    With the caveat that I have not tried this on anything but leather, I will tell you what works on grease on vintage leather Coach bags. Sprinkle some cornstarch on the stain, let it sit for a while, and then put a paper towel on top. Press on the paper towel with a warm iron to draw out the grease. If you're leery of using an iron on it, sometimes just letting the cornstarch sit on it overnight will still draw out some grease.


      If you refer to the TB FAQ,

      We recommend hand-washing your TOM BIHN bag with a mild detergent — environmentally friendly dish soaps work well, but as always, with any soap, test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the bag before you use it on the entire bag. (Palmolive® and Dawn® soaps may be too harsh!) Fill your sink or bathtub with warm water, add a little soap (a little goes a long way), and let the bag soak for a half hour. If there are visible spots of dirt, gently rub the area with a washcloth, or you can apply a little soap directly to that spot and let it soak. Rinse your bag thoroughly (this is a lot easier if you've only used a little bit of soap) and lay your bag flat on top of a bath towel to dry.

      Methods we DON'T recommend:
      Having your bag dry-cleaned or putting your bag in a washing machine or dryer will void the guarantee and make your bag look funny. We don't want either of those things to happen. Your TOM BIHN bag can last for years. The fabrics we use to make our bags are treated with a water-resistant coating, but over time, that coating will start to dissipate. If you live in a rainy climate like we do, we'd recommend treating your bag with Nikwax after one year of use.


        Thanks for both of those suggestions. I will have to give a try! the grease stain seems to have diminished a little bit, but I would really like to remove the residual.

        Thanks again!