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Travel stuff sack for packable rain jacket

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    Travel stuff sack for packable rain jacket

    Hi All,

    I have a light rain jacket that had its own stuff sack which I've lost. I also used it to pack my very lightweight down vest. Anyone know what stuff sack would be the right size for a light coat or vest?



    That depends a bit on size but my bet lies with size two or three. 1 will be too small and 4 will be overkill.

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      Without knowing the actual size of your jacket I would guess size 2... 1 is tiny and 3 might be a bit big. Size 2 seems to be the most used size in our house.
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        I agree that it depends on both your size and the fabric of what ypu're trying to pack down, but the answers are usually Size #2 or Size #3 Travel Stuff Sack. For example, if you wear Women's S or M, I'm pretty sure your Down Vest would pack into the Size #2 Travel Stuff Sack. (I'm surprised how much you can stuff in if you compress things, though; I managed to get mine into a Size #1 TSS in later experiments, though this was totally unexpected.)

        Here's another reference point, if you have other accessory items like the Side Effect, 3D Organizer Cube, or the Eagle Creek Spectre Cubes. Anything that I can fit into my Side Effect (1.5 L) can go into a Size #2 Travel Stuff Sack (1.6 L). Usually, the 3D Organizer Cubes (1 L) are too small for me to fit these kind of clothing items (I wear Small sizes -- maybe U.S. Women's Petite 6 in tops). Most of these items (like Merino Sweaters, Vests, packable Rain Jackets), can fit into an Eagle Creek Quarter Packing Cube (1.3 L) for me. Anything that fits into an Eagle Creek Spectre II Quarter Packing Cube (1.3 L), can be dropped into a Side Effect (1.5 L) just as it is, packed in the Cube. The Size #2 Travel Stuff Sack (1.6 L) can hold items that don't fit into the Side Effect -- for example, if I pack a Small Merino Wool Sweater into the Eagle Creek Quarter Cube, I can fit both that and a Small Merino Wool T-Shirt into the Size #2 TSS.

        For Men's sizes of packable rain jackets, you may need the Size #3 TSS, though the more packable versions, like the Marmot Precip, would still fit into the Size #2. However, for most models of vests and rain jackets, it would be safer to get a size #3. Again, this depends on both the size and the materials.




          Thanks all! Gonna go with #2. Worst case I have to buy a 3 and then I have an extra TB item.


            I'd imagine a #2 is good for most cases, but I can fit mine into a #1.