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Protective case for mirrorless camera: padded organizer pouch?

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    Protective case for mirrorless camera: padded organizer pouch?

    Hi folks:

    I am looking for a padded case for a mirrorless camera. I would like to just toss the camera in a Cafe Bag, but I assume there should be some padding between my camera and the bag. What size padded OP will work? Are there other options for my need? For reference, here is my camera:



    Try a Domke wrap
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      Size-Medium Crumpler Haven camera insert. Shown here is my (Medium) Haven, plus the Sony NEX-5N camera and lenses I regularly cram into it (a 35 F/1.8, a 55-210, and a 16mm wide), plus various other accessories I fit in its back pockets. Medium-size TB Yarn Stuff Sack shown at right for reference.

      Click image for larger version

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      The next picture shows the bag rotated 90 degrees so you can see its depth, plus it's been opened to maximum height rather than cinched down.

      Click image for larger version

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        I actually do just "toss" (gently place) my camera in a Cafe bag, depending on what else is in there. Today's packing is a water bottle in a Size 2 stuff sack upright on 1/3, a padded pouch from a travel company in the lower 2/3 with my wallet, and then I have room to set the m43 camera on top of the padded pouch and slip keys, phone, etc into the interior pockets of a Medium Cafe Bag.

        However, this is only possible because I carry my camera in a Cafe bag on the days I won't be taking it off and setting the bag down somewhere, so there's no worries about dropping or banging or the bag falling over. The Cafe bags are so slim that it will be hard to find a padded insert to fit, there are a few of the smaller Ape cases on Amazon that might work but they will still make the bag bulge out a bit.
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          I agree that a Domke wrap is a good solution if all you want to do is carry your camera body from point A to Point B. The 11" x 11" version is large enough to wrap my Olympus E-M1, so would be fine for your E-M10. If I am traveling light, I will separately wrap the body and one or two lenses ... these will easily fit in a Medium Cafe Bag.

          I have the same Crumpler Haven as @feijai. It has plenty of room for your E-M10, several lenses, extra batteries, etc. From the attached photos you can see that it fits fine within my Halcyon MCB. I have the Haven loaded to maximum capacity to show you what is possible. It's a bit chunky, but nothing out of the ordinary ... I would not carry this much if I were walking about on a photo shoot. An 18 oz. Klean Kanteen slides in nicely beside the Crumpler.

          Click image for larger version

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          Unless I am doing rugged travel, I prefer to use an Ape Case Cubeze QB33 . It is a bit wider and shorter than the Crumpler Haven, but still fits inside my MCB. It is padded on the sides and bottom, but not as well as the Haven. This makes it noticeably lighter.

          While I have used the Ape Case inside the MCB, I prefer to use it in a Daylight Briefcase. The horizontal orientation of the DLBC seems to work better for me.

          Click image for larger version

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            One can find a wide variety of padded inserts on Amazon. Another way of carrying photo gear besides wrapping it in something like the Domke Wrap, is to cover the camera and lenses in neoprene pouches, like the OpTech Soft Pouch and Snoot Boots. I found that a Soft Pouch Digital-D Midsize fits my Olympus EM1 + 12-40 Pro lens nicely. You may find that a smaller one will fit your camera better. Amazon sells them. Amazon also sells the Tenba Messenger wraps, which I found to work well and aren't too bulky.

            Inserts are better when you want quick access to the camera.
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              I can't take credit for this, saw it on YouTube somewhere but those neoprene beer cozys make fantastic lens holders, I packed 2 lenses in them and tossed them into my Aeronaut 45 for a trip cross country, worked out great.


                I have a Sony A6000 and use this Zing pouch for its minimal size. Not sure how close in size your camera is to mine -- also I just use the kit lens.


                  B&H photo will have form fitting foam wraps that will not take a lot of unecessary space such as some of the above pic items do. Here is an example:

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                    My Oly EM1 is wrapped in this (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1) neoprene wrap for travel, fits nicely with my 14-150 which is generally all I take for travel.
                    It's not the fastest thing to remove though, so I generally walk around with it nekkid. You can't use it if it's packed away!
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                      I use the optech soft pouch for my first gen Sony micro 4/3. It gives enough protection but so allows me to put it in my handbag.