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Bit of advice before I purchase

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    Bit of advice before I purchase

    Hi. I just signed up to ask this. I've seen a lot of similar posts, but nothing that quite answers my specific question/s.

    I have spent far too many hours researching bags online (looking for an EDC) and have concluded that I want a GR1, but I need a Synapse. I have pretty much decided on the 25. I will put some information about me and details of my EDC contents below. What I am asking you kind people to please help me with is:
    • I am not in the US but will be visiting very soon and plan to get my purchase delivered to where I am staying. Therefore I want to order everything (ie bag and accessories) in one go. I plan to get a short key strap (for my keys) and a cache for my ipad pro. Based on my EDC contents is there anything else that you would recommend? Oh, and I'll be using the ipad with the new brydgepro 12.9 keyboard (if it ever arrives) and this pretty much doubles the thickness. Will the ipad cache designed for use with the smart keyboard take it? Just how snug is it? Should I just get a laptop cache instead? Perhaps the one designed for the 13" MBP?
    • I would like to go as small as possible but decided on the 25 due to my frame and because I don't like it when everything fits in my bag, but only just fits. There should always be a little bit of space left I reckon. Am I underestimating the space in the 19? Will it really look silly on someone of my build?

    Okay, the info. I'm 6'2 and regular build. Say 190lbs. My EDC is as follows: Kindle Voyage in Origami case, iPad Pro with Brydge 12.9 keyboard, jaybird headphones in the square case, Sigg 600ml bottle (possibly a Hydro Flask 40oz sometimes), keys, wallet, snack bars , small packet of tissues, pen, A5 notebook, iPhone charger, gloves, sunglasses, cap, possibly a light jacket at times, and finally, a 12" Dell with a chunky extra large battery (for work so no case and no cache required) and its power supply. Maybe a little torch. Maybe.

    So what do you think? Any and all comments and advice will be very much appreciated.


    No worries, you are not the first to decide between the two (search the forum for synapse 19 25). A cursory search through the forum should provide *lots* of comparison pictures and similar questions, which may help. I've included some below.

    I also decided on a Synapse instead of a GR0/GR1 a few months ago. Instead of deciding between the sizes, I got both. The S19 serves as my current EDC as I find the 25 to be too big for everyday use. However, I am considering switching to it soon as a school bag (laptop).

    From what you state, I think you could make a S19 work if it fits well on you, and if you don't often have additional items. If you want more room, go for the S25. I would suggest getting organizing accessories of some sort as they work for your lifestyle - as in pouches/cubes/snake charmer - so that you aren't always rummaging around the bottom of your bag.

    If anything, I would say to look at videos/pictures comparing both of the backpacks. Worst comes to worst, (if you have the funds) order both and plan to send one back and take the shipping loss. I always thought that 6L would be negligible but to me... but I am glad I have both. As the product page says, the S25 is 30% bigger than the S19. Some taller people have reported fit issues with the Synapses (both), but that can't really be anticipated.

    Some reference posts for you...

    Here's an oddly relevant post regarding your 40oz hydroflask: https://forums.tombihn.com/questions...=synapse+19+25
    Aeronaut 45 | Aeronaut 45 Packing Cube Shoulder Bag |Yeomen


      Synapse has lots of built in organization in the front side pockets for smaller items like tissues, torch, pens, sunglasses. Might be worth getting a pouch of some sort for power supply/cords--snake charmer or side effect if snake charmer looks too big for your cords. And the SE would fit in the front bottom pocket. A standard size Spiff Kit also fits the front bottom pocket really well. There is a cool hack on the video page (Bag Hacks II) that shows you how to hang a 3d organizer cube inside the top of the Synapse for an extra built-in pocket. And remember you will get one 8 inch keystrap in black with your bag, so if you need another for this hack or to tether other pouches inside, add those to your order.

      Consider a call to discuss the cache sizes with customer service. They are really good about that stuff.



        I think I'd read that the iPad Pro with the Bridge 12.9 is about the thickness of the rMacbook Pro 13", so I would probably go for the 13" MBP cache or similar size cache - but again a call into customer service would probably be the safest bet to see. My experience with the caches in general has been that they fit pretty tight and loosen up over some time with lots of repeated use - if I had to buy a cache again for my laptop, I would consider going a size up (in terms of thickness size) for ease of getting my laptop or tablet (with a cover/case) in and out of the cache.

        I have a feeling an S25 would work great for you given everything you specified. I have both the S19 and S25 (I'm 5' 8.5" male with a longer torso, 165 lbs). A Synapse 19 would probably work for you, but I think it would be filled without enough space left over (as you had specified in your wishes for a bag). Also given your size and build, it could look smaller on you, or else you could adjust the S19 to sit lower on your back (so it doesn't look like a "kid's" backpack on you).

        For me if I had to pick only one, I'd pick my S25 because of its greater versatility (can pack more or less depending on the day) and because of its comfort with how it "lands" on my back especially when much more heavily loaded. It is in fact a big bag, but you can easily load the outer pockets and not have to use the main compartment so much and the bag would still look good on you (not looking under packed or deflated looking). If you are sure that your daily load would be exactly the same and it would not vary much day to day, then a S19 would probably work.

        Another suggestion would be to order both bags, try them out for comfort and ease of packing, and return one while you are here. Given your logistics with traveling to the country and "getting it right" the first time, I think this would be worthwhile to do.
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          Might as well throw in a set of stuff sacks. They come in handy and fit into odd spaces.


            Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I have seen all the '19 or 25?' threads. It is how I, sort of, made a decision to get the 25, and why I made that my supplementary question. My main quandry was the accessories and you have all been really helpful. I need to contact customer service (as advised) re the cache sizing but other than that I reckon an extra key strap, a snake charmer and the zipper pulls and I'm good. Now, what colour?..


              Originally posted by theding View Post
              Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I have seen all the '19 or 25?' threads. It is how I, sort of, made a decision to get the 25, and why I made that my supplementary question. My main quandry was the accessories and you have all been really helpful. I need to contact customer service (as advised) re the cache sizing but other than that I reckon an extra key strap, a snake charmer and the zipper pulls and I'm good. Now, what colour?..
              Well now for the everyday Joe I would recommend the black halcyon, as it's light and still looks alright.

              But if you're the indiana Jones travel type, then definitely the ballistic nylon (or was it cordura?) one for the durability.

              I recommend a darker color such as black to meld with other bags, as it won't attract too much attention and fend off dirt better.

              All in all, good luck with your purchase!

              I myself am enjoying my S25 given as a gift (see my signature) for both travel and uni life. Lots of storage and easy to use

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                Hi. Thought I would give a quick update in case it helps anyone else who stumbles across this thread. But, before that, a belated thank you to polarium - I've only just seen your post!

                Great minds think alike it appears. I went with the black halcyon S25. Coyote was just too casual and the standard black was, to me, a tad boring. 25 was definitely the correct choice for my EDC. I have loads of room left but it doesn't feel too big and I am a fan of having the option to add more stuff easily. The snake charmer is great (thanks again, luvdabags).

                As for the cache, I cancelled my Brydge so am using an STM case with an Apple Smart Keyboard and decided to go for the 15" MacBook Pro cache. It was a good choice. Snug enough without being tight.

                Thanks again everyone. Great forum.