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Considering a Daylight Briefcase...really close push me over

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    Good points. My concern would be that the case itself seems great. but once all the adds are used the $80 bag is closer to a $150-175 bag (strap, cache, some organizational holders).


      Originally posted by thepinched View Post
      Good points. My concern would be that the case itself seems great. but once all the adds are used the $80 bag is closer to a $150-175 bag (strap, cache, some organizational holders).
      I guess the question is whether any of the bags that have been discussed (DLBC, Pilot, Maker's Bag, or others) will end up working better enough for your to make this worth your while. As far as the Cache goes, having your laptop suspend like that from the Gatekeeper clips in the Pilot or DLBC is a convenience, but not a necessity. However, if you travel, and want to easily slide your laptop out of the bag without detaching it for TSA inspection, it's a convenience. The fact that the same cache will suspend that way in any horizontally oriented Tom Bihn bag which supports the hanging gatekeeper clips is a bonus, but if you don't need this feature (especially if you don't go through TSA), there's no reason you have to get a cache. @tpnl uses a Thule case for his (non-Mac) laptop. I have laptop caches that were made before the current Gatekeeper+rails design, and just slip them into the DLBC. (My favorite cache material dates from just before the Gatekeeper+rails design and uses a denser foam -- so in simple bags like the DLBC I'll often use one of my old caches, even though I have and use the current cache with rails with some of my larger recent bags).

      I'd highly recommend that you upgrade to an Absolute Strap, and consider that you might find this really useful for many other (larger and heavier) bags. It is so worth it.

      As for the other organizational accessories, it's up to you what items work well for you. I like the fact that I can use these to optimally configure each of my bags (rather than having a fixed structure built in -- I'd much rather be able to slide in a Kindle or an iPad than find that the sections had gotten sewn into pen pockets, or pockets for business cards!). The other thing that enters into these preferences is the fact that you can pull out these organizers, and transfer them or use them at your desk or in other (Tom Bihn) bags. One of the reasons so many of us have bought into the TB infrastructure is that the accessories work so well among many bags.

      I'd say that among recent products (over the last two years), the smaller Freudian Slip organizers and the Daylight series light bags (for Backpack and Briefcase), have proven to be much bigger hits in terms of usefulness than I could have expected. In a minimalist bag like the Daylight Briefcase, the Field Journal pouches are acting as small Freudian Slips. However, I'm sure there are folks who own no Field Journals, who have started to buy them for the convenience. (And I'm sure there are some folks who own planners like the Dayrunner series, etc. who have been buying these FJN accessories just because there's nothing as convenient in the stock planner line).




        I did the Daylight Briefcase / Pilot debate a while back. My EDC is a co-pilot as I don't have to pack a laptop around but I needed something for the few times I did need to take my Mac with me. After weighing things up, I went with the Pilot as I thought it would be more versatile and it is. Yes, my Mac fits into it nicely wearing it's neoprene sleeve and I can get all the other things I might need in as well. But I also used it for a 6 day holiday last fall - no laptop but room for clothes, toiletries, iPad and knitting a and, on the way there, my Side Effect in a front pocket. Alas, I bought yarn and had to take the SE out for the return trip.
        As far as organisation goes, only you can be the judge of how much built in you need, but I prefer portable organisation. I can take the whole pouch out onto the desk or I can leave it at home if I not going to need it.