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Best bag for my EDC?

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    Best bag for my EDC?

    Hey guys, proud owner of an S19, here! I am finding that my bag is much too big for daily use (My laptop lives at work these days, so I haven't needed to carry it.)

    I was hoping that I could list my EDC, and get some recommendations on which bags would be an appropriate size for these items. I have been trying to gauge from product pictures on the store pages, but it is difficult for me.

    Here's a list of what I carry on an average day:

    Coffee Thermos (9.2 x 3 x 3)
    2-5 Pocket Size Moleskine Notebooks
    3 Pens

    Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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    A small cafe bag seems like a good option depending on the fit of the thermos (sorry, I'm metric and never can quite do the conversion).

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      Definitely sounds like a job for the Small Café Bag...depending on your thermos.

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        I like the S19 for that myself.
        What a coincidence,you don't really need to change anything!

        I like having space free in my bag and its not like it is a huge bag either.


          I use a Medium Café Bag as my EDC, and it should handle all of that nicely.

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            Originally posted by tuskegee7294 View Post
            Definitely sounds like a job for the Small Café Bag... on your thermos.
            That sounds right. (FWIW, I currently switch between a SCB and a 20-liter daypack.)


              Hi TurtleWax,

              If you would like a dedicated compartment for your Coffee Thermos, you may also want to consider the Co-Pilot. It should also nicely accommodate the other items you mention.