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DLBC for my husband

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    DLBC for my husband

    Hi! I'm new to the forums, having recently made my first TB purchases. I have figured out the best bag for my needs, and now I am considering a purchase for my husband and could use some help. My husband is 6'3 and typically carries a (IMHO very heavy) Tumi leather briefcase (about 4.5 pounds when empty). For an EDC, that is totally cool. We have been doing a lot of international travel with our 3 kids (6, 3, less than 1 yr) lately, however, and I have an old knee injury that prevents me from carrying very much...thus, my husband gets overloaded with stuff. We check everything, carry on one small emergency bag of stuff in a wheelie bag I can pull, I carry a backpack (Herschel bag filled with TB organizers, kid stuff, and a DLBP that I take out on the plane as my underseat storage), and my husband typically carries the baby, his briefcase, and whatever stuff we end up accruing along the way (food, activity books, etc). It's not a crazy amount of stuff, but we absolutely can't trade bags along the way, which gets to be frustrating.

    So, my question, finally Does the DLBC seem like the way to go as a travel briefcase for him? And does it work well on tall guys (~6'3) in terms of aesthetic? It looks like it would be great to use the DLBC as a commuter bag once we reach our destination, as he rides the train every day and will be doing further international travel too. (I looked at the Maker's bag, Pilot, and Synapse 25 too, all of which look awesome, but alas, he's very into the briefcase style).

    Thank you so much! I absolutely love my DLBP and tons of accessories as a diaper bag, work bag, and general EDC knee-saver. Would love to bring my husband into the fold.

    A list of the stuff he typically carries would help the briefcase users give you more specific advice. Does he need to have a laptop? Lots of paperwork? Notebooks? Other stuff? Water bottle? Good luck in your search!


      Originally posted by luvdabags View Post
      A list of the stuff he typically carries would help the briefcase users give you more specific advice. Does he need to have a laptop? Lots of paperwork? Notebooks? Other stuff? Water bottle? Good luck in your search!
      Thanks so much! Just a laptop (13" old school macbook), maybe a folder with some papers to read, and his phone. It's so little! He doesn't even carry pens or an ipad or a book or water. I don't want to change his EDC game, but he admits that his typical work bag is cumbersome in terms of weight and size when he's carrying so little in it. We end up shoving in snacks or things that come out of my bag sometimes, but that could be better handled with a large shop bag, I think. I should also clarify that we bring a small rolling suitcase, but it's a soft bag, so it doesn't work particularly well for putting his briefcase on top of it.

      After pouring over the descriptions, I think the DLBC looks like a good fit, so I'm curious if taller guys carrying it (in black or other dark neutral color) find it to be comfortable and think it would be reasonably aesthetically pleasing for a semi-formal academic environment?


        Picking up on your use of the word briefcase, I'd say the Cadet is a good choice. The DLBC is great but it's lightweight benefits also mean it's not as 'traditional' if you get what I mean.

        It's a superb little bag though if it does meet his carry needs.

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          That's a good thread with photos of a variety of the briefcase bags that tpnl uses so you can see their sizes relative to each other.

          That's another thread with photos of tpnl wearing some of the bags crossbody and a link to a TB video with someone wearing it.

          Hope this helps a bit in the decision making process.