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Cache in the Pilot

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    Cache in the Pilot

    Does anyone with a cache and a pilot know if the cache (with laptop inside) is suspended within the Pilot when attached by the rails?

    I've noticed when I have a laptop just floating around in my pilot that the bottom part of the bag droops in a way that it looks like it's putting undue stress on the bottom of the Pilot. I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for your help!

    I have a 13" MacBook Pro and the horizontal Cache for that laptop. It's not suspended by the rails. The rails are just there so you can slide the Cache out when going through security at the airport, without actually disconnecting the Cache from the Pilot. When the Cache is inside the Pilot it just sits on the bottom of the bag. My bag does not droop. But my Cache fills the bag from side to side and my laptop is not heavy. Also, I usually have a bunch of other stuff in the Pilot at the same time, which may help keep the bag from drooping.


      Thanks for the quick reply! I'm curious, do you have the ballistic nylon or the Halcyon version?

      I've got a Halcyon Pilot and a 13" rMBP like you, but in a different sleeve. If I hold the bag by the center handle there is a noticeable dip in the laptop compartment. I was pondering getting the cache to replace my existing sleeve, but had been hoping the little loops gave the laptop more support.

      Thanks again for the info!


        Here's a picture to better describe what I'm talking about. I'm probably just sounding nit-picky, but that's not really my intention. It was more of a concern that I'd put extra unnecessary wear and tear on this beautiful bag! :-)

        Click image for larger version

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          Hi Cronus,
          Yes, I have the same setup. 13" MBPr in a Halcyon Pilot. My concern has mostly been that the laptop drops down like you have pictured and hits first when I put the bag down. So, I just try to be very cognizant about putting it down softly. I don't think that it will cause too much wear and tear on the bag by the way it sits. I have had mine for over a year and haven't noticed anything.


            I have the ballistic nylon version. I specifically wanted the structure that ballistic gives to the bags.

            My Cache does not take up the entire height of the bag, so I've been known to put a shawl or an Eagle Creek tube cube with something else in it at the bottom of the bag.

            Then again, I usually don't carry my laptop everywhere. It lives at home and only goes with me if I particularly need it, and then it just goes in the car and then to the work location and that's it. If I was commuting every day with it, I might put a bit of padding in the bottom of the Pilot.

            Or you could try to hack the rails so the bag does not slide but hangs from the top of the bag. However, you may find the top drooping in Halcyon fabric.