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S25: does it stand?

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    S25: does it stand?


    i have a question regarding the S25. With nothing inside - will it stand upright or will it topple over or slouch? And what if a laptop is inside the cache and a few things in the main compartment - will it stand?

    Also, is it possible to easily pull a laptop out of the cache using one hand, without the cache coming out of the bag too?

    And is it possible to remove the Tom Bihn logo on the back easily and without damaging the backpack itself?

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    Hi replay and welcome to the forum!

    An empty S25 will not stand up on its own. When it is packed it so much depends on the content if it will stand up or not. A laptop as a "backpbone" and something that strengthen the base will definatly help but you will always be mindful of how you pack things in there if standing up is important. I always lean mine against something (chair, table, wall...)

    Hope this helps
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      I concur with @Ilkyway, and I'll add that it takes both hands to remove my 15" MBP from its cache. Smaller items (iPad Air 2, Kindle, etc.) are easy with one hand, so maybe consider getting a slightly larger cache than you really need?

      I imagine a stitch puller would remove the TB tag, but afterward it may be obvious that "something" used to be there.
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        @Ilkyway, thanks for the input! But that means that the fabric can be made to stand unlike many other backpacks which do force a rounded shape on the bottom? IE if I put a laptop in the cache and then put running shoes in the main compartment plus a bottle, it can be make to stand.

        @cptdean, thanks! So I could get a 15,4" cache and put my 13" laptop in there to be able to get it out with one hand. If needed be I guess I could also jam the rails so the cache wont slide out anymore?

        I have one more question actually: Are there any "hard" edges on the back, for example where the mesh foam is sawn to the back of the backpack or the lower half? I'm asking because I come from a backpack which would slowly damage my cotton clothing (Tshirts, sweaters) by rubbing against it.


          Yes, the S25 can definitely be made to stand. Here's mine...

          Click image for larger version

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          I've got the 15" MBP cache installed with my iPad Air 2 in it. The main pocket also has a compact umbrella lying across the bottom, and a rain jacket in the elastic pocket. The bottom pocket on the front is holding a Snake Charmer with a bunch of cables.

          As for hard edges, there are none anywhere on the pack. I can't imagine it damaging anything.

          Here's a pic showing how flat the bottom can be...

          Click image for larger version

Name:	S25_bottom.jpg
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            The Synapse compartments are designed to flex according to their loaded contents -- so the actual shape and distribution of weight, center of gravity, etc. depends on the details of how you pack the bag. This ability to adjust relative size of side and bottom compartments along with the main compartment according to what is carried is one of the things that makes it a "TARDIS" bag in terms of what it can carry, but it also makes it difficult to answer your question if it will stand by itself -- especially given the depth of the bottom front pocket. (It's easier for me to say that my Synapse 19 generally stands, especially since a 13" laptop is designed to fit so well in that bag).

            Here are some pictures of the Synapse 25 with different loads:

            As for the tightness of the cache, with a 13" laptop you have more options. For example, either the cache for the 13" MacBook Air or the 6Z (cache for old 13" MacBooks) is looser than the cache for my 13" Retina MacBook Pro. I really wouldn't get a Cache for a very different sized laptop -- such as a 15" one -- to use instead. And I wouldn't try to get a much larger size cache than is optimal, since Idon't find it hard to pull out the laptop from its cache.

            If having your backpack stand up by itself is a high priority, consider the Smart Alec, with its flat, padded bottom and open bucket design, instead of the Synapse.


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