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Swift - ballistic or halycon?

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    Swift - ballistic or halycon?

    Hi all! Apologies if this has been asked and answered before.

    With the news of little swift's return, I'm wondering which fabric would be the one to go for.

    Those of you who have little swifts or swifts, do you have any thoughts about ballistic vs halycon?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    I have LSs and Swifts in both fabrics. Go with what color and fabric appeals to you. Ballistic will have more structure/less floppiness than Halcyon with empty or partially filled bags. The floppiness with Halcyon is more noticeable to me in the larger Swift than the more purse-like Little Swift particularly if there are heavier things in the clear side pockets of the Swift.
    What others have suggested here and on the Ravelry forum is placing plastic file folders up under the Swift side clear pockets to create some extra internal stiffness to Halcyon bags if you want them to stand more upright. It's never been a deal breaker for me so I choose by fabric color. The LS is a wonderful purse...so excited to see it return!


      Mine are ballistic, and I like how neatly contained they look. They hold their shape and stand up on a table. However I'm eager to see pictures of the Halcyon ones. Maybe that's something to consider. SO excited the Little Swift is making an encore. It is a wonderful bag.
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        I own both the Swift and the Little Swift. I have two Swifts, one in Ballistic/Hemp and the other in Nordic Halcyon. I love both of them, but for different reasons.

        If you are wanting to purchase a Swift and want to work out of it with your crafting pursuits (I'm a knitter and a spinner), then I would say the Ballistic is definitely the way to go. It stands open and ready to receive or supply whatever tools or supplies you wish. My Ballistic/Hemp version has been a constant much-loved tool and with use I have only grown to appreciate it more. It has softened somewhat but still holds open at the ready.

        My Nordic Halcyon Swift has been a much more recent addition. On its own, it doesn't stand at attention like my other Swift. That being said, it snugs up against me almost like a softened hobo bag. And it's so light! For this reason, I would highly recommend it if you need to watch the amount of weight you need to carry or if you are going to be using it primarily as a purse or EDC where you don't need to have it open and at the ready.

        Like mentioned above, you can insert stiffeners in the form of plastic folders under the pockets to help it accomplish that end, and I have done the same. It works really well, and I haven't lost the weightless feeling of the Halcyon fabric. It really is a gorgeous bag.

        If I could only have one of these bags, though (and thank goodness that's not an issue for me!), I would select the Ballistic bag. That is because I really do primarily use my Swifts as knitting bags with some EDC items thrown in for good measure. I'm traveling with my Ballistic/Hemp bag now for the Thanksgiving holiday. It contains all of my purse material, a nearly finished shawl, my Kindle, and some green tea extract I love to drink.

        I hope this is helpful to you! The Swifts really are great bags! I quite adore mine!


          Hi there,

          I have a LS in ballistic/hemp and another in original Dyneema (Halcyon). At that size I don't find the extra weight of the ballistic to be a huge factor. And I agree with threeteez above that the floppiness factor is more noticeable in the full-sized Swift (my mother has a regular Swift in Halcyon) than the LS, but if the contents of my Halcyon LS are not balanced I do have to prop it up against a wall or something, if I set it down. I'm addicted to the lightness of Halcyon though so I am planning to get another LS in the black!

          Also, a while back someone posted about this third-party organizer that works well with the LS - the Lihit Lab Bag-in-Bag. Funny name, but it provides a bit of vertical structure and a few more pockets for the main compartment. I got mine on Amazon although right now it seems they are only selling it as part of a bundle: LL B/i/B. But I have also seen it on eBay as a stand-alone.

          (One of the TB Freudian Slips might also fit in the LS but I am not sure which size that might be - maybe the Small Cafe Bag size.)
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            Thanks everyone for giving me feedback! I've been hoping for Little Swift's return for a LONG time and am beyond excited!

            I am a knitter/crocheter so I do have lots of yarn and projects hanging around, but I will likely use it as an EDC. At the moment I've been using my small shop bag (which was not how I intended on using it! But, boy is it useful!)

            Based on everything I'm reading, I'm starting to think that I may have to buy one in each of the fabrics.....

            Being a bit neurotic, I'm trying to figure everything out before the debut so that I can be ready to go when the starting gun goes off. Nightmare scenario: dawdling while figuring out fabrics and colors and ALL the bags go out of stock!

            Do you think there will be NEW colors entirely? Could I use the current Swift colors as a guide?


              saw a photo. saw orange purple green and blue! maybe other colors? cant say...