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How do you use and pack your Side Kick?

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    I have the same credit card cutlery, but when I fly, I leave them at home and use these: https://www.amazon.com/Alite-Designs.../dp/B0085SDLHI
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


      Originally posted by PaulT00 View Post
      The UK has very strict rules about carrying knives
      Swords used for belly dance is another one!

      As to what I pack in my Sidekick, iPhone 5, COW (cards), DOP (money and membership cards), keys, mini Q-kit for Britain's millions of coins, a Sharpie, a Biro, some lens wipes, and a packet of facial tissue. I'm mostly using it for when I'm just going to dinner or the cinema. I wouldn't use it for something like going to London, because I feel I have to carry other stuff too (ie utensil kit, loo wipes, iPad, etc) and the Sidekick is just too small for all of that.
      I love my Burnt Orange Medium Cafe Bag, Black MCB, and Azure LCB.
      The Preciouses: A45 in black/zest, (original) Yeoman Duffel in verde, Mini Yeoman Duffel in Burnt Orange, the S19 in black/ultraviolet, and the MB in black/northwest sky; Shop Bags in zest, monarch, sitka, fjord, and island.


        Ceepee, thanks for sharing your SK pack out. Your photos and labeling truly make your post an exemplar for how to display all the awesomeness that can go into an awesome TB bag. Well done!


          Originally posted by ceepee View Post
          So, as I unpacked my Side Kick in order to transfer stuff to my S19 for a shopping trip I documented what I had in there:

          This is how it all packs up:
          I am most impresser, @ceepee.

          I think I need a fluffy unicorn or dragon or rooster to keep my 2016 TB crane (UV). I am still looking for the best way to attach my crane to my SK. Right now, it is inside the front pocket of my COW. I am afraid it might fall if I just put it loose inside my SK.