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Cambodia 10 days - Can I Do It with Aeronaut 30?

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    Cambodia 10 days - Can I Do It with Aeronaut 30?

    Hi everyone

    I'm just about to order the A30 but wanted to know if it would be adequate for a 10 day trip to Cambodia please. We will be staying in hotels each day and intend to wash and dry clothes as often as we can. We will essentially only be doing Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Also I'm thinking of getting it in the original denier only because the bag seems more rigid in that (i.e. It will keep its shape) than the halcyon. Obviously the negative is that it'll be heavier. Any views please?

    I'll also be taking my Small Cafe Bag. My current packing list includes:

    4 x linen shirts
    3 x boxers
    3 x socks
    2 x shorts
    Keen Newport sandals
    Micro towel
    Marmot waterproof
    Water bottle
    Compact camera and charger
    Toiletries - toothbrush, paste, shaving gear, mosquito repellent, soap, shampoo,deodorant, sun cream, pills, and band-aids
    Phone charger, battery pack, adaptors

    I don't want to be lugging around too much, but (a) is that enough; and (b) will the A30 accommodate it


    was just there this summer. hot humid so light breathable is key. your list looks great and aeronaut 30 should be fine.

    to lighten up can leave out binocs and/or just use disposable plastic water bottle


      Thank you! Ok the Bins are gone! 😀


        I have halcyon aeronaut and it keeps its shape by the time it's half full with clothes. With shoes or a packing cube in the end. Because I always use the backpack mode I find the flexible halcyon easier to carry


          Piece of cake. I just did 10 days in Belize with my S19 and a camera bag (Lowepro Passport Sling) - it was just a bitty bit too cramped, so I bought myself a Christmas A30 for next time. Binoculars only if you are pretty serious about birds, otherwise you'll be ok there without. My list is not much different than yours but I also had running shoes which were the problematic items. They ended up in my husband's bag. I had a tablet and a m4/3 camera with gear also.
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            Thank you. Yes the idea of having the lighter version is very appealing.


              Wow that's impressive. I have the s19 but don't think I'd be brave enough to do the trip using just that. I use it as my EDC and it's perfect. I also have the s25 which I currently use for long weekends. I've been toying with the idea of using that together with my SCB for Cambodia.

              In a sense therefore I don't really need anothe Bag but the A30 looks delicious and perhaps with an absolute strap and a clear packing case could be ideal

              Thank you


                Does your phone take photos?
                Leave the camera home.


                  Totally doable. Also, you said "we" -- not sure who else you're referring to, but I've found that it's much easier to one bag it with a partner than alone. This is partly because we share some stuff (like toothpaste, sunblock, and camera gear), and also b/c we can pack to keep the weight even between bags. We also tend to do two bags between us (like 2 A30's), and one shared carry-on, and we have more than enough space.

                  My A30 is ballistic, though I have an S25 and S19 in halcyon so I am familiar with the material. I actually really like ballistic for the A30, and it's one place I'm willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of weight. The fact that it keeps its shape means that it's super easy to pack and that it always lies flat against your back in backpack mode. I also feel like the rigid shape protects the contents better -- for me this includes DSLR lenses and my laptop.

                  Have an awesome time in Cambodia!


                    Don't leave the camera home! Good photos are the best souvenirs (and take up no space on the return trip)
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                      Thank you!

                      Yes so I'm travelling with a friend and you're right there will be oops to "share". I do like the ballistic - I'm used to it with my Synapses. I'm going to see if I can pack my list into my 25 (secretly hoping that it might be a squeeze to justify me getting the A30)


                        I agree. The iPhone has a great camera but I like the usefulness of my compact which has a great zoom facility too

                        Thank you


                          Here's my immediate reaction.

                          If you have 3 pairs of underwear, that means you will be doing laundry at least every 3 days. If that's the case, why bring 4 shirts? Are there days when you'll be like, nah, this underwear I can do a second day with, but this shirt is far too soiled. No. In fact, if you're sweaty during the day, you might want a fresh pair of undies to change into after a late-afternoon shower.

                          Here's my thinking: Pack the most underwear. Depending on how much you wear shoes, socks should be next. Then shirts, then pants. So to me, a reasonable packing list would be 5 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of light socks, 3 shirts, 1 shorts, 1 pants.

                          As for the camera and binocs? If they're compact, I say bring them. At least the camera.

                          Finally, that guidebook. There's only two cities you're visiting, so break the spine of the book, tear out the pages you'll use, and leave the rest at home. What, you're going back in 2 years and don't want a broken guidebook? No. You'll do the same thing then. Take only the pages you need.


                            Originally posted by Rohan View Post
                            Thank you!

                            Yes so I'm travelling with a friend and you're right there will be oops to "share". I do like the ballistic - I'm used to it with my Synapses. I'm going to see if I can pack my list into my 25 (secretly hoping that it might be a squeeze to justify me getting the A30)
                            Not sure if this is a typo here but the Synpases are in cordura (or halcyon of course) whereas the A30 is different in Ballistic nylon (or halcyon).

                            I have all my larger travel bags in Ballistic for durability but prefer the cordura or halcyon for smaller flexible day bags. I know there is a weight difference for Ballistic v halcyon (230g on the A30), on a standard carry on weight of circa 10kg, this is only a 2.3% difference. Enough for some to worry about but not for me. The durability for travel is more important hence the Ballistic.

                            Best of luck with your trip.

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                              I realize some people have amazing cameras. But if weight is an issue, I've found that my new phone actually takes better photos than my old good camera. Plus, it zooms, which means I really don't need the binoculars. Obviously, take what you think you'll really use a lot, but don't take something just in case you need it. Anyway, I know I've been voted down, but it's up to you what you want to bring.