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Cambodia 10 days - Can I Do It with Aeronaut 30?

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    I have both a Ballistic and Halcyon A30. When empty, I do notice a slight difference in weight between the two. However, I can stuff quite a bit more in my Halcyon bag compared to my Ballistic. If I'm stuffing both full, the Halcyon will be heavier only because I can fit more stuff in it. If I fill them with the exact same things, the weight difference is hardly noticeable. I got he Halcyon because I wanted to combination of stuff-ability and the slight weight savings. I also really love Original Halcyon and, at the time, the limited edition Island. If it is structure you want, the Ballistic wins. When I'm packing both bags, I really love how the Ballistic holds its structure. The Halcyon outside pockets will fold over to the main compartment until I either put a packing cube in the center, or fill the outside pockets. It's a small issue, but I notice it every time I pack. I really like how the Ballistic just stays open and holds its structure, making every pocket accessible at all times. TB's Ballistic Nylon is also really really gorgeous. If you don't need the flexibility of Halcyon, I would not worry about the minimal weight difference.


      Originally posted by bouncing View Post
      Here's my immediate reaction.

      If you have 3 pairs of underwear, that means you will be doing laundry at least every 3 days. If that's the case, why bring 4 shirts? Are there days when you'll be like, nah, this underwear I can do a second day with, but this shirt is far too soiled. No. In fact, if you're sweaty during the day, you might want a fresh pair of undies to change into after a late-afternoon shower.

      Here's my thinking: Pack the most underwear. Depending on how much you wear shoes, socks should be next. Then shirts, then pants. So to me, a reasonable packing list would be 5 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of light socks, 3 shirts, 1 shorts, 1 pants.

      As for the camera and binocs? If they're compact, I say bring them. At least the camera.

      Finally, that guidebook. There's only two cities you're visiting, so break the spine of the book, tear out the pages you'll use, and leave the rest at home. What, you're going back in 2 years and don't want a broken guidebook? No. You'll do the same thing then. Take only the pages you need.
      That's food for thought! Thank you. There was no science behind the 4 shirts and 3 boxers but your suggestions sound good. my camera is the size of a cigarette pack so I'm taking that. The Bins are compact but heavy so most likely leave them.

      Thank you!


        Thank you Pokilani. Yes I really like the ballistic on my S19 and s25. I have a SCB in halcyon and it feels perfect for that size and structure of bag. That said I think for something like the A30 I would personally enjoy the ballistic more.

        My problem with Tom Bihn (as I'm sure with many of us) is that as soon as I start to think about one purchase I want to add more items into my basket. So at present I'm thinking of how good it would be to get another s19 but in halcyon, plus a bundle of accessories! It's an addition!


          Originally posted by Perseffect View Post
          Not sure if this is a typo here but the Synpases are in cordura (or halcyon of course) whereas the A30 is different in Ballistic nylon (or halcyon).

          I have all my larger travel bags in Ballistic for durability but prefer the cordura or halcyon for smaller flexible day bags. I know there is a weight difference for Ballistic v halcyon (230g on the A30), on a standard carry on weight of circa 10kg, this is only a 2.3% difference. Enough for some to worry about but not for me. The durability for travel is more important hence the Ballistic.

          Best of luck with your trip.

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          Oops yes I mean cordura for the synapses, but I've felt the ballistic material too and that's the one I'm heading towards
          Thank you


            Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
            I realize some people have amazing cameras. But if weight is an issue, I've found that my new phone actually takes better photos than my old good camera. Plus, it zooms, which means I really don't need the binoculars. Obviously, take what you think you'll really use a lot, but don't take something just in case you need it. Anyway, I know I've been voted down, but it's up to you what you want to bring.
            I completely hear you about the "just in case" syndrome. And I'd like to think that I'm quite a minimalist packer. I just think that in this instance the dedicated compact camera - which is about the size of a cigarette pack, is a justified addition because of its zoom function and good performance.

            Thank you


              Originally posted by Rohan View Post
              Thank you!

              Yes so I'm travelling with a friend and you're right there will be oops to "share". I do like the ballistic - I'm used to it with my Synapses. I'm going to see if I can pack my list into my 25 (secretly hoping that it might be a squeeze to justify me getting the A30)
              Hi Rohan,
              your packing list will very easily fit in your S25, especially if you have another small bag to carry small stuff, like you plan to do. I've been to Cambodia and there is not much you need to take, just take 2 top and bottom (and 3 undies/socks) and you'll be fine. It's hot and humid, and you can easily wash your clothe during your evening shower. On top of that, many of the fancy brand sold in the world are made in Cambodia. Especially if you stay in the capital, you'll have plenty of opportunities to buy some more if you need to, at a very cheap price. I do not own an A30 (although I secretly wish I had one, so I'm with you on that one but for a trip to Cambodia, I would still suggest a low profile S25 over an aeronaut. And for a trip in a hot country, your really do not need to pack much.
              Have a nice trip!


                Thank you!
                So I took your advice and all my items fit into the s25! It's full but very comfortable to carry and I'm planning to disgard some of the clothes out there so it will have a bit of space for any souvenirs.
                I think I'm going to go with the S25 and my SBC (as my day carry)
                I'll postpone the A30 for another trip.
                Thank you all!