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A30/A45 4 x end pocket cubes in middle?

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    A30/A45 4 x end pocket cubes in middle?

    Hi all,

    Starting planning for a 3 week trip through France & Italy this year, and after months of bragging to my girlfriend that I think I can take all my clothes for the trip in an A45, I've finally convinced her to get an A30 as well. I stumbled across this thread https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-vi...tml#post137369
    that got me thinking.

    This bag was from 2006 so I'm not sure if the sizes are any different to now, but I like his organisational style which could work for me. Normally I fill the middle section of my A45 with 2 large packing cubes. He has 4 end pocket cubes filling the centre section which would allow me to better organise. In the current sizing of the A45, would 4 end pocket cubes fill the middle section of an 45? Would the same also apply to an A30?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi makak,

    Seeing your post reminded me of a more recent one that I saw when I was devising strategies for packing my own A45. Here is the link I found:


    This setup is from 2015 and was one I heavily am considering for my next trip. It does indeed look like you can use the end pocket cubes to fill the middle compartment of the A45, and it looks rather nice packed that way.

    If I were to wager a guess, the A30 and it's corresponding cubes would benefit from the same packing strategy as well.

    Hope that helps!
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      Now I'm wondering, too. Just how many end pocket cubes fit in the center portion of the Aeronaut30? elisa


        Yes. I bought only end cubes, and I stack them in the middle compartment. Usually I put one in an end compartment too.

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          Great news and thanks for the link @LilAve.

          This just gets me thinking. I currently pack 2 Large Cubes in the middle and an end cube at each end. That's 25litres in the middle and 11 in the ends. The bag is full, yet it's a 45litre bag and only 36 litres of cubes which virtually completely fill the bag. Where's the missing 9 litres??? THat's almost a large cube of volume. Either I'm overpacking the cubes, or the size of the A45 is wrong. I hope it's the former.