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Tool Bag/Box Recommendations?

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    Tool Bag/Box Recommendations?

    Hi folks —

    There may already be a thread about this somewhere, and if there is, my apologies. But I'm looking to corral my apartment tools in a bag/box that's both durable and aesthetically pleasing. My current tool set is pretty much that of your standard apartment-dweller, and currently lives in a junk drawer. That makes it great for household repairs, but not so much for carrying my tools from place to place if I need to use them elsewhere.

    So my question is: has anyone converted a TB bag into a working tool bag, or have any other recommendations on a great tool bag they currently love?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum!


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    I've tried repurposing some bags for tool bag duty. Used an old Jansport messenger for a bit. But I realized you can't beat a dedicated tool bag. The big benefit is the flat bottom and all the organizing pockets. With the Jansport, it'd take me extra time digging around to find the right tool. And the shoulder strap wasn't ideal for carrying heavy tools around. Now I use a CLC brand bag. I also have a tool roll that works great for screw drivers and wrenches. Any hardware store will have tool bags so I'd go check some out in person and then you can see what size works best for your tools.


      I think I have more Tool Bags than even travel bags so.....
      You need to just look around and see what you like really,just like with Bihn and comparable there is an entire world-o-bags waiting out there for your tools!

      My most recent pickup is from here though as an example

      It doesn't hurt that they are here Local to me either,well unless you are my Bank Account and then it is starting to hurt a little bit.

      There is also a great selection at the Orange Box to give you a starting point maybe.


        Ok - don't laugh - I use a DLBC to hold my Dyson V8 attachments.

        I chose it because, as @PNWtravel mentions, the bag should have lots of organization pockets. I would also add that they need to be fairly large to hold bulk items (hammer, screw driver, etc). The DLBC has the front zippered slash pocket, the front zippered pocket with 2 additional generous pockets in it, a back full length zippered pocket and 2 sections in the main compartment. Additionally, if you add a Freudian Slip, you can add even more smaller items.

        Now this is an expensive option but I have found it useful as I already have 2 DLBCs.

        I also have used the Citizen Canine with the 2 side pockets as a TB tool belt. It is good if having many smaller items (nails, screws, washers, etc). There is the Front flap pocket, the zippered pocket, the main pocket, the bag pocket and the 2 side pockets. Below is a picture with just some long tools in the main compartment and nails in the front flap (cannot see that part). It served as an outdoor install/repair tool belt:

        Finally, I have used a Movable Feast as a tool bag as it has a flat bottom (again as @PNWtravel mentions). You can use the wine bottle holders to slip you hammer in, etc, etc - you get the picture. Here is how I used it to hold my Dyson Tools while cleaning the car:

        Click image for larger version

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        Note that you could also clip pouches to the O-Rings adding even more organization.

        Having said that, a normal tool bag from a hardware store will be much cheaper and you will not be upset if they get damaged (I suggest Cordura bags as they do not show scuffs, damage as much) ... but, if you have a one of the TB bags above already, they fit the bill well IMHO.

        Hope this helps
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