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How do you pack your Medium Cafe Bag?

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    How do you pack your Medium Cafe Bag?

    Hi everyone,
    My mom just bought a MCB but she didn't realise it didn't have a zipper on top. She wants to return it (it hasn't arrived yet) but she will keep it the internal organisation keeps stuff in and/or she can pack it in a way that stuff won't fall out.

    What do you all think? Should she get a SK for inside of it, if that will fit? Or should she return it and get a bag with a zipper? Any photos of what fits inside a MCB would be much appreciated (I tried to search the forums but came up with too many hits, no relevant ones).


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    A Sidekick may fit inside of the MCB, but not very well. The Sidekick does have built in organization that works pretty well if she wanted something with a zipper. My wife has picked up the Sidekick as her purse replacement and love it. She added a mini Q Kit for more organization.

    I'd suggest trying a Sidekick or buying a Side Effect, which is a smaller version of the Sidekick, which would fit better in the bag.


      I have a MCB and a SCB and i love not having a zippered top. I put all of my loose essentials in a Medium Clear Organizer pouch, that way they stay all together and are easily movable between bags, briefcases etc. i put my wallet and things i need to keep secure in the front zippered pocket under the flap.
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        If she likes the idea of a few pouches attached to the o-rings, then nothing will fall out. There is a zippered pocket under the flap that I use for my phone for that reason. A Side Effects fits either vertically or horizontally if that helps, and takes up about 1/3 of the main pocket. The Side Kick would take up more like 2/3 of the bag, I think, and be a bit tight side to side. Maybe the Side Kick on it's own would work for her.