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Which Bag for a month in various regions of Mexico

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    Which Bag for a month in various regions of Mexico

    I will be traveling to Mexico in November/December, traveling to Merida, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Guadalajara and puerto Vallarta (2weeks)

    These are various different areas and I will need to pack a mix of items i.e.: not just beach wear.

    I have a tristar and have been using it almost since it was first released for all my trips including a long trip to Europe. I also travel with my camera bag which is my personal item. I have always loved it but at times have wished that instead of being three compartments that if it was divided into two compartments it would a bit more useable. (can I just say that would be a dream bag- call it aa double star)

    I have been debating about getting another bag for this trip and have been thinking about the Aeronaut 45 and possibly the 30 because I am thinking I may need to pack a bit more this trip.

    The 45 is 22x14x9
    The three airlines I will be using have maximum measurements of 21x9x15 and 22x14x9

    My questions are:
    1. should i consider the 45 or would it be a bit too large for the one airline
    2. should I just make the tristar work
    3. would the 30 be too small as it is a 3 litres smaller than the tristar or would it be easier to pack than the tristar


    Are you wishing for a two compartment Tristar? Perhaps the Western Flyer might suit your needs.

    If the Tristar is not over packed, it usually squishes to fit the sizers.

    Do you have your packing list? It is sometimes helpful for us to know what is intended to go into the bags. Will you be doing laundry? What else needs to fit into the bags? Are you a light packer? So many questions, but the answers will help us to better help you.

    Good luck! elisa


      for the first two weeks we MIGHT have access to laundry.....last two weeks we will for sure

      Starting to put together a packing list
      shorts, t shirts, tank tops, a few bathing suits, a pair of linen pants, a few dressy/casual button up shirts, flip flops, dressier runners/walking shoes (could pass nicely with jeans or linen pants), and jeans (I know I will probably wear them on travel days), some type of light jacket.


        Since you have a bit of time to get ready for your trip, you might benefit from the site onebag.com . I learned a few things that helped me travel much lighter. Laundry facilities are helpful on a trip, eliminating several extra outfits. However, selecting mix and match clothing (where all tops match all bottoms) and learning how to sink wash have revolutionized how I travel.

        Now I can wear one outfit and pack one outfit. With this small amount of clothing, I can travel indefinitely. A five week trip to Maine: done. I realize not everyone wants to minimize their clothing this much. Many people wear one and pack two outfits.

        There are lots of great tips at one bag.com . He has a section on how to select luggage that might be helpful with your bag decision.

        My favorite Tom Bihn bag is the Aeronaut30. I find that the larger compartment with the two large side pockets is easier to pack and also easy to live out of. I hope this is helpful. elisa


          Originally posted by sdophoto View Post
          The 45 is 22x14x9
          The three airlines I will be using have maximum measurements of 21x9x15 and 22x14x9
          You should be good with an A45 for all 3 airlines as long as it's not completely jammed full. It's soft-sided to squish into a sizer if anyone asks.

          I'd try a test pack with the Tristar. If what you need to bring doesn't fit, consider getting the A45. Or if you have room to spare, get the A30?


            100% agree with alaskagirl here on the a30 for this kind of thing, packing and living out of it is always a really good experience


              I have the A30 and personally would take that in a heartbeat. It is perfect for this sort of trip. You will need to pack carefully to make sure that you can pack what is needed and not a lot extra.
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                Thanks I am thinking it just might be a bit more flexible than the tristar (which I love)


                  What airlines are they? Some airlines aren't that strict about making you shove your bag in the sizer and as others have noticed, if you don't overpack it should squeeze in.

                  Even if it doesn't fit, and you have to gate-check it, is that the end of the world? Most airlines don't charge for those situations and you usually get your bag back at the arrival gate instead of baggage claim.