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13" MacBook Pro in a Co-Pilot?

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    13" MacBook Pro in a Co-Pilot?

    Will a 13" MBP fit in a Co-Pilot?

    I have a late 2013 MBP-R and both a ballistic and a Halcyon (original black dyneema) CP.

    The product page notes that the CP is for ipad/tablets (see the list of corresponding cache options in the drop down section of the CP product page plus it mentions checking out the Pilot if you need to carry a 13" laptop).

    That said, I can squeeze my MBP in the main compartment of each CP (the zippers only open as far down as the area where the strap is located about a quarter of the way down the height of the bag), but there's no room for a case/cache and it strains slightly against the zipper. Have you looked at the Pilot, Daylight Briefcase or the Ristretto? Those may be better options from the smaller TB laptop bags for your MBP.


      I've checked those others out, and they are for sure an option, I was just wondering if I could get away with a co-pilot for what I want to do.



        I've read here (not seen though in person) that the CPs are a bit bulky. I'd highly recommend picking up a neoprene sleeve instead. I have tried a few as a road warrior with a bunch of different tech needs, and I picked up a Runetz (never heard of 'em) from Amazon for next to nothing. It's thin but cushioned, and the neoprene stretches nicely and fits my 13" MBP perfectly with just enough room so it's not a squeeze. I also have both iPad Pros, and intended to get a similar case for my 13" Pro. I bought an "ultra slim" neo sleeve from Case Logic and it is crap. Now instead I put my MBP and iPad together with the iPad keyboard facing the MBP. There's a thin barely noticeable zipped pocket which I use for adapters and one of my Apple Pencils. It's a delightful combo that fits well in my Synapse 19 :-)

        Even when flying, I don't mind taking out my sleeve, and if I wanted, I could easily rig up a rail-like system by having my seamstress stitch on webbing and using the TB fasteners, but to me they would get in the way the rest of the time.

        Hope this helps - enjoy! Oh, and I have a thin back sleeve and the pro keyboards on both of my iPads. I don't bother with a case for my MBP since I use the neo sleeve as the case. I don't have room to add files, but that's what I use the large double organizer packs for so I can swap 'me in and out depending on what I'm working on.