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Rock, paper, scissors... help! Synapse olive or navy?

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    Rock, paper, scissors... help! Synapse olive or navy?

    I ordered a navy Synapse 19 with wasabi interior a few weeks ago and love it, but immediately knew it was too small. While I agonized about colors for the 25, most of the colors except grey or black went out of production!

    Now they're back, and I've got to get my order in. My husband is of no help. I like the burnt orange in production, but he's not keen on it so that's out. I primarily use my backpack as a briefcase and small purse holder since I trashed my back in a car accident a few months ago. Now that I've consolidated to a Synapse, I don't think I'll ever go back to my Coach briefcase and Michael Kors huge bag/purse except for meetings :-)

    So the big question - Navy or Olive? I don't care too much about blending in, but my last backpack (a delightful EMS) lasted me 20 years so I expect this one to be around for quite awhile. I'm in academia, so the blending-in thing is even less of an issue. I don't want black or grey, reminds me of bad corporate memories of life on the road and getting mail delivered to my hotel rather than my apartment.

    Suggestions? I can make arguments for either, but am really down to I've got to just fish or cut bait and get the order in before they run out again!!! I'm a horrid decision maker.

    Advice, suggestions, ideas. I have a few accessories but purposely in bright colors so I can see them and segment them well, and neither the navy or the olive would clash. The bright blue isn't nicer than the navy or olive IMHO, so I've ruled that out, and I don't like the lighter fabric or the grid design on it, so those are out too.


    Honestly, it just sounds like it comes down to which color you personally prefer.

    Me? I would want Navy, though the Olive isn't bad. Olive is just a bit too reminiscent of fatigues and military gear for me.


      why not just get burnt orange? your husband's not the one using it. i always give my opinion when asked but always tell me wife "hey, it's your [whatever] so get what you like"


        Will your husband be using the backpack? If your gut says Burnt Orange, maybe you shouldn't rule it out?

        I usually consider what will go best with my wardrobe. I wear a LOT of black and tend to avoid mixing black and navy, so I'd lean toward olive. That's just my train of thought.
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          Originally posted by jschinito View Post
          why not just get burnt orange? your husband's not the one using it. i always give my opinion when asked but always tell me wife "hey, it's your [whatever] so get what you like"
          +1000 on this. That is exactly how Mr. Pammy would react. If I am buying a bag for myself, I have only myself to please, not someone else. If you want burnt orange, go for it. You may regret your second choices later on. But please let us know what you've chosen. We are a curious lot.
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            Did you love the navy/wasabi Synapse 19? If yes, then go for the same color. But if you want something different, go for olive. I used to hate olive and its ballistic counterpart, verde, but now I'm warming up to both. I like green colors a lot and am making room in my heart for olives.

            But, like others have said, if you really like burnt orange, go for it! It reminds me of my first school backpack, a Wilderness Experience rucksack in rust. I wish I still had that thing. Burnt orange is close to be a neutral color, if that can sway your husband.

            You're not the first to agonize over color!


              I will always advocate for the bright color, Burnt Orange, in your case, then a neutral.

              Do you feel really comfortable with your S19 color and would really like the S25 in the same color?

              Or, are you more of many bags in different colors and would feel more secure with a S25 in a different color because of the possibility of grabbing the wrong bag, one day, before coffee or tea, in a hurry...

              Another consideration is your wardrobe, pretty much everything matches or contrasts well with Navy, not so with Olive.


                Burnt orange! Or navy. I have olive and don't love the color (RISTRETTO)
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                  Argh - I was convinced one way, and then the other - and now Navy and Olive are only available with grey interior, which just makes me sad. Yes, the navy is nice but it is... nice. I don't see a lot of olive or fatigue colors these days even on campus, but when I look at my organizers, I have teal and purple, which with navy/wasabi is fun, but burnt orange... I could trade the teal in I suppose...

                  Oh, I don't know. Even my kids aren't helpful. And yes, it is primarily for me but he may use it, but he has our son's old LLBean pack in navy so boo.

                  It's going to come down to who has the cool interior color either now or in production.... I don't like the grey. At. All. Thanks!! And yes, I will let you know!


                    The Navy is in production with an Iberian interior, which looks pretty nice (though I prefer the Ultraviolet or Wasabi interiors). Too bad Monarch isn't an interior option because that would be awesome with the Navy.