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Tristar as an EDC work bag

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    Tristar as an EDC work bag

    Hi All,

    I've been pondering if the TriStar would make a good EDC work bag. One of the things I tote back and forth to work everyday is a 15" MBP, along with several accessories. In general I make my pilot work, but sometimes I have to carry a heavier haul back and forth when I need to bring the work home. I know there are plenty other options, additional bags, bags within bags, backpacks, etc, but in this case I'm specifically interested in the TriStar. I figure it could possibly be useful for travels as well.

    Any ideas how it compares, size wise to the Pilot, or even the Cadet or Founder's Briefcase? I've already looked at the dimensions and specifications of the bags, but there's nothing like hearing other people's thoughts, or seeing comparison pictures if y'all have them. I know the TriStar can get huge when filled to the brim, but it also appears to be able to stay pretty thin when filled with a minimal load.


    I would think the TS would be huge for an EDC bag. It's suitcase sized. You could do it, but it seems like overkill unless you really have a lot of stuff to haul home. I have a WF, and even that looks big for an EDC, but could possibly pass as a briefcase if you were trying to sneak it on a plane as your EDC.

    The TS is one inch bigger in all dimensions than the WF, but that one inch makes a huge difference in volume.
    The TS is almost one third bigger in volume than the WF.

    Also, neither the TS nor the WF has pen slots, phone slots, or any business related organization. They are suitcases, not briefcases. But you could always get a Freudian Slip, too.
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      That feels awfully big. The TS is an inch bigger in length/width than the WF, and the WF in turn is about 1.5 inches longer (and .25 inches less tall) than the Cadet. I guess the dimensions are only incrementally bigger (and I don't have a WF or Cadet), but I can tell you that the TS certainly feels like a suitcase in every way. (Conversely, I have a big briefcase - the old classic Tumi that's about 16x12 or so, about Cadet size but wider - that I just unearthed to try and sell --- and that's only ever felt like a big briefcase.)

      The only photo comparison I can give is with the Pilot (below) - it doesn't look that much bigger, but when carrying them there is no comparison. You are right that the TS and most TB bags can be pretty slim when unfilled (and that is super helpful when in the closet), but I also don't feel like the TS would be enjoyable to carry if significantly underpacked.


        The tristar does well underpacked but it becomes sloppy looking depending on what is in it.

        My favorite edc is the ego but an empire builder would do nicely too.

        In my opinion, edc is either a briefcase or a backpack. The three compartment tristar isn't ideal.

        That said, I've used the tristar as an edc when on the road, with a projector, laptop and all my usual edc stuff inside.
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          Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated! I think what I really wish existed was a larger Pilot. I can't get over how much I've come to really enjoy its internal organization. I just bump into its capacity limits sometimes.

          Thanks again!


            I used a pilot predominantly for work but like you sometimes need something bigger.

            I own both a western flyer and Tristar. I wouldn't use the Tristar for work, it's just too big. But I am currently using the Western Flyer as an EDC for work.

            Sure it's probably still a bit bigger than I need but I don't think it looks big at all. Someone suggested an empire builder and I believe this and the western flyer are not dissimilar in size. But the western flyer is more flexible as double use as a travel bag.

            I like your thinking, and seriously suggest your consider the Western Flyer. It works for me.

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              Hello there,

              I love my tri-star, but I would not recommend as an EDC, and here is why:

              I travel for work tuesday-thursday with the tri-star. It's perfect for that. When I get to the hotel tuesday I unpack everything except lappy and a few other odds and ends and use the tri-star as my EDC wednsday, until I re-pack it to go home thursday.

              I have to say it's not a perfect EDC, it's to "floppy" as an underpacked backpack with the big compartment empty and the middle one weighed down by a laptop. It's better with a shoulder strap as the floppyness does not matter then, but then I have to bring the shoulder strap just to use the one day.

              That being said - it's a perfectly servicable EDC for one day/two days a week - however I would not use it as my "real" EDC.

              Also - an EDC should be (in my opinion) a bag that can accomodate for random "stuff" to be added - for example a grocery trip on the way home from work. As the tri-star is geared towards packing flat in cubes, and does not take well to odd shapes I dont use it when not travelling. (If you carry a laptop in the middle compartment the biggest compartment is the one next to your back if carried backpack style - so even if your groceries would fit it's not very comfortable carrying odd items there. They shift to the bottom and poke you in the back).

              Just my two cents - happy bag hunting!


                this is now what i am trying now. even though WF is quite big as EDC, however, still is usable as EDC with ample space! and also with three versatile modes that it boasts! I use it with freudian slip.


                  I also use the WF for EDC. A 13.5" laptop in a cache in the rear pocket, a Cafe Bag FS for office stuff, rain jacket rolled up, a Mr. Bento thermos for lunch, and a small umbrella in the front pocket, and headphones, chargers and cables in the flat pockets, with a collapsible water bottle in the bottle pocket. I also keep a small pack-away grocery bag for the occasional haul of overflow stuff clipped to an o-ring.

                  I used to use a size 1 Brain Cell with a full-size Lenovo workstation in the back pocket, so a MBP would probably be no problem.