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Reasonable first TB EDC bag for my needs?

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    Reasonable first TB EDC bag for my needs?

    Looking for a small EDC bag for days when I'm not carrying a laptop and/or gym clothes (I'll get a TB for that soon enough I'm sure). Instead, I'm looking for something that can handle a more reasonable load.

    Things I (almost) always carry with me:

    - keys
    - wallet
    - pixel phone
    - 27oz klean kanteen classic with loop lid
    - pen and pencil
    - chap stick (lip balm)
    - earbuds
    - gerber dime
    - small pack of gum

    I very often also have some (possibly all) of the following with me:

    - moleskine (size L)
    - zojirushi 16 oz stainless coffee thermos
    - a snack or two (clif bar, soylent drink)
    - ipad mini
    - new 3ds xl
    - short charging cables for devices
    - chico bag reusable grocery bag

    I'd like to have room for everything at once and am OK if things would get to a tight fit. I am currently leaning towards the cafe bag medium. Would this work? Should I consider something else? I really don't want anything too big because then it might just feel like another backpack/messenger. Bonus points for recommendations on additional organizer pouches and such I should pick up in my first TB order.

    Everything should fit in the MCB. You can use a long keystrap to hold the bottles upright. You can also keep stuff from languishing at the bottom of your bag by grouping similar items into stuff sacks and organizer pouches—maybe a size 1 stuff sack for your snack bars, a small OP for the cables and earbuds, and a mini OP, just because they're a very useful size.

    As for alternatives: have you looked at the Co-Pilot? You could stick a drink in each of the front compartments (I think that the 27 ounce KK might be slightly too tall for the zipper to close all the way, but then it's also a little tall for the MCB). There are numerous little pockets and slots for your EDC stuff and electronics, as well. It's not a totally ideal solution for those days you only have your bare-bones carry with you, but I thought I'd put it out there.


      OK, so the items that take up space are the two flasks, the Nintendo and the iPad will require the most room. That'll fit in a MCB but fitting the other things in might make it difficult to get to everything easily.

      I'd get a bag with better organization - co-pilot perhaps where everything has its place.
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        This is very similar to my edc, which I do in a Synapse 25, with a Side Effect and Side Kick inside, and Q-kits inside of those. Here's how I might set it up:

        -wallet, keys and phone in right side pocket of S25

        -pen, pencil, gerber dime, and reusable grocery bag in left side pocket of S25

        -chapstick, earbuds, and gum in the small outside pocket

        -zojirushi and Klean Kanteen in water bottle pocket (I can get 2 18oz hydroflasks in there side-by-side with room - I didn't check if the dimensions of your exact bottles would too, but I think there's a good chance).

        Side Kick inside gusseted pocket of S25
        -moleskine, iPad mini, 3ds xl
        -charging cables in small q-kit

        Side Effect in bottom pocket with thin strap attached
        -snacks, transfer wallet/keys/phone in here for lunch break or errands

        This list is a really close analog to what I currently do, and it works so well! You'll notice the main pocket is virtually empty in this scenario, ready for occasional extra items. But it won't look weird if you don't use it. Bonus is the S25 is a great travel bag too!

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          Synapse 25 looks like an excellent option for replacing my current backpack down the line but for this purchase I'm specifically looking for something messenger style and small.

          The co-pilot looks very interesting. My water bottle would not fit in it because of the height but it might fit with a different lid because the difference appears to be less than one inch. I do like the vertical orientation of the MCB though.

          Does anyone have examples of steel water bottles that comfortably fit in the co-pilot?


            Hi there yosprey!

            For the first set of items, my bottle is actually the wider 16oz insulated kleen canteen, and have no problems whatsoever with plenty of room to spare. For some items like my keys, and wallet I attach them via TB straps which is very helpful for retrieval.

            As for the second list, my edc includes a notebook (smaller than yours), normal iPad, snacks, cables, and oddly enough a chico bag that cinches up small.
            And, thought I don't carry it very much, I also have a 3ds XL that would has fit in before. I also have a paper/magazine inside at any given time, and since it is winter some time of beanie/cap is in there.

            I just wonder how it would all fit if I tried to add in the other water bottle, which I don't really think would be a problem.

            The more I read your post, I was like "wow... this looks a lot like mine!" I really enjoy my MCB. It should be said that I enjoyed it most when packed on the lighter side, aka: not stuffed to the brim. Hope this is helpful!


              Thanks for the help everyone. I went ahead with the MCB and a few accessories and we'll see how it goes. Excited to be joining the TB club and will have to take pictures when it arrives.


                Welcome to the TB family. I've been eyeing the cafe bags but can't justify one right now. Sounds like it'll be perfect for your needs.
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                  Sounds very much like what I carry around. I love my Maker's Bag, and use it to carry everything I might need during my 12 hour work days. My favorite feature is that I can carry a coffee thermos and a water bottle upright. My only complaint is that the top doesn't zip closed and there are gaps where it could rain inside or someone could reach their hand in.


                    I really love my MCB. Great size for me.