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Can the Hero's Journey be businessy?

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    Can the Hero's Journey be businessy?


    I've been using my Smart Alec for everything from EDC, to the gym, to groceries, to a multiweek travel and it's awesome for its size. However for occasions where it's not big enough I've been thinking about getting a larger bag. The SA is 26+3 liters so I think the next size would be 45 liters, which is the carry on maximum. I was thinking about a Aeronaut plus a laptop bag combo but when I saw the Hero's Journey it seems to be both in one plus it's possible to zipper the parts together and free the hands completely. So a couple of questions about using the HJ:

    - I know it's promoted to be for cottage hopping or camping but is it business casual enough for work trips? I do like to carry backpack style but like the option of using a shoulder strap
    - Is the top bag ok for a laptop? It should fit the 13 inch MBP, or smaller
    - How would you pack a laptop if you were to travel with the HJ?
    - I like the iberian more than the northwest sky, how does the top bag look in iberian when used as a backpack?
    - Why does the Hero's Journey weight 300 grams or 30% more than the Aeronaut in the same material? Is it only the frame and the hip belt? If and when I try to aim below the 8kg mark, which some airlines limit officially, 300 grams could mean another camera lens
    - Should I get the absolute shoulder strap?
    - I know this is not TB but when packing collar shirts many use the Eagle Creek folders, which size could one fit in the HJ? Or are there better options to keeps shirts nice?

    Hi agustus and welcome to the forums!

    I can not anser all your questions, but some:

    1. as for buisness travel I have seen discussions here, where the opinions what is buisness are very far from each other. But if you consider the SA ok than the HsJ is good too. Both look more sporty than buisness but I feel in a comparablie way.
    2. The HsJ has a rigid backpannel that makes wearing it more compftable. That should account for the aditional weight. It is removalbe though.
    3. Iberain is no supple colour but as far as red goes it is quite soffisticated if this makes any sense. It is such a deep and darkish read that it is not as in your face as other reds can be. I hope this makes sense. I am not a huge red fan but Iberian is a gorgous red or so I feel.
    4. I have the absolut Shoulder Strap but I never use it. I get why people like it, as the slight bounce and the whide sureface makes it very nice on the shoulder. But that strap has quite a weight to it and my brain refuses to "get" the concept to use a heavyish strap to make my load more compftable. But than I much prefear carrying everything backpack-stylie anyway and I know others love that strap.
    5. If I wanted to put a laptop into a HsJ I would have it in some sort of protective sleeve. A cashe or something simelar. I am not sure if the 13" Macbook fits. If you give the meshurments (prefearably inside the sleeve you would use) I can check, if it fits the top pocket. The main compartment would of cause fit your laptop.

    Hope this is a starting point,
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