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TB Sheepskin Dog Bed

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    TB Sheepskin Dog Bed

    Okay, so this isn't a question about a bag, but it's still about a Tom Bihn product so I figured I would post it here. Just this morning over coffee my partner and I were talking about the fact that we need to get our dogs a new bed. We were discussing what type to get, and decided memory foam would be the best option for the joints on our pups. However, I told him, my concern is that every time I buy a nice memory foam bed (they aren't cheap!) the dogs just end up tearing it up and spreading memory foam chunks all over the house. (Have you ever tried picking tiny memory foam pieces out of your nice plush living room rug? Not the most fun way to spend an evening.). So his response to my comment was "can't you just ask that place with the bags you like so much to make you a dog bed?" I tell him TB doesn't make custom items...but WAIT...they DO already make a dog bed! Suddenly the clouds part, a ray of sunshine beams down through the windows of our living room and the angels start singing from the heavens! (I might be exaggerating slightly on that last part. The sun wasn't actually up yet.)

    So here's my dilemma. We have two Great Danes. The male is 165 lbs, and the female is 125 lbs. The male is a "digger" and he tends to be quite good at it (just ask my leather couch). So his claws do a really good job tearing into fabrics (ask my rugs too.) And once he gets a tiny tear in something, it's party time and the stuffing flinging commences! (Ask my overstuffed chair...that is not over stuffed anymore...or stuffed at all...actually it got drug out to the curb for the garbage man last week because it was no longer functional.). Thank goodness they otherwise leave "human stuff" alone and aren't destructive little hoarders. Tom Bihn bags are safe in my home.

    I'm wondering who has tried out the TB dog bed, and how durable it is...especially to digging/chewing/squishing etc. The website states that the dog bed is made of a sheepskin/Sherpa fleece material on one side and ballistic nylon on the other. I'm assuming the ballistic nylon is more tear resistant than the sheepskin material...if so, does anyone use this bed nylon side up? (Shedding isn't an issue for us but if it was, the ballistic nylon is pet hair resistant too.). How's the durability on this bed? One of the most common points of failure for us on dog beds is the zipper. Since it says this bed is made with a YKK zipper, my thought is that this will make it a lot harder for them to chew it open and ruin the zipper teeth. Anyone else have this issue and solved the problem with the TB bed? Finally it says the bed fits dogs up to 90lbs. Anyone have a bigger dog and use this bed? The physical size of the bed looks appropriate for my dogs (sleeping on it one dog at a time), but maybe the memory foam is a little too thin at 1-1/2".

    Thanks in advance for any comments on the Tom Bihn dog bed. And if you want to see the mutts in question here, find us on instagram @foxvalleydanes.