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Alt Uses for Synapse 25

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    Alt Uses for Synapse 25

    I picked up a Synapse 25 for trip coming up that I'm planning to do that I would like to do as ultra-light travel. I looked at a lot of bags and decided that this would be great for that purpose. It's arrived and I do really like it. But I'm having a little bit of buyer's remorse. I think I may have over-bought what I need. I have a MCB and love it for just running around town. I have a briefcase I used for my work EDC.

    I'm not sure how I will use the Synapse in my rotation/what role it will fill outside of travel. Maybe a gym bag? Just seems little pricey for gym bag that I get by without now.

    Mostly I love the bag and I'm looking for an excuse to keep it. Thanks for any ideas folks.

    It makes a great gym bag- especially if you need to pack shoes and equipment. Initially, I thought my TB bags were too pricey for the gym, but then I realized that I work out at least 3x/week but travel only about 4x/year. In fact, I use my PCSB to put my gym clothes in and my SSK for my toiletries. When I need to travel, everything gets shifted into travel duty.
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      Hello! Not sure what your situation is, but I live in a city and don't drive to work, so for me the S25 has been great as a combined work and gym bag. After having involuntary donated several gymbags to public transportation this is fab - one less bag to keep track off. The S25 is not "perfect" for this (my old gymbag that was just a gymbag had vented pockets and what not), but it is close enough. One of the best things is that it does not look to bulky even when full with gym clothes or shopping (or both) - or to sad and deflated when just a laptop. It It may not look super professional in an office setting (there is a separate thread on that I think), but I think it's fine.


        I've struggled with this also. The S25 is a big bag and it feels big in use.

        I don't use it therefore for most things where a smaller bag could be used (trips out to town or work/laptop bag). I also don't use it for travel as I prefer the more 'luggage' style of an aeronaut or Tristar.

        I suppose it could be a great gym bag (but I don't use a gym). It really only gets used for me when we go for a day out to the park with the kids and I've got lunches and jackets etc, bulky things to carry.

        That's a lot of bag (and cost) for those infrequent occasions. Recognising that I could use it for more things, I just prefer not to because of its size.

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          I have a lot of nice bags that I rarely use.
          It helps me to look at them as another tool really and I have a whole lot of tools but many that I only use when needed which seems pretty obvious to me.

          So when I need a tool that is the correct one for a job then I grab that correct tool which was the whole point of buying that tool in the first place.
          Some tools can be used for more things than others and many of my bags are just like this.

          The Synapse is a pretty amazing and capable bag and I have no problem carrying mine whether it is filled or not,I would much rather have the extra space and not need it than the other way around. Also when on my back and not full it is not too much of a problem that the bag is bigger than I need right now too?

          I also find myself accepting a bag more easily if I carry it more.

          The other thing for me is that there is little more frustrating than traveling with bad bags and even if I only try it once a year it is worth it to me to have a great bag which helps e make the most of the trip every time,and of course I would say that too!

          YMMV obviously!


            I have to be honest I feel a little bit the same way about the Synapse 25. It doesn't seem like a particularly big bag on paper but for my daily needs it feels simply like too much bag.

            To be fair, I started out with the Synapse 19, so if I had gotten the S25 first I may have simply thought that the S19 was the one that was the wrong size; too small.

            I do agree with the others; if you carry it and use it daily you won't find the size to be as awkward as it seems. The Synapse is a brilliant design that can carry very little or a lot and still always be comfortable and elegant.


              Perception is funny. I don't see the S25 as a large bag. In fact I'm looking at a medium Yeoman right now because I don't feel like I can fit a laptop, lunch bag, change of clothes* and shoes in the S25. For those of you using it as a combo gym / work bag, what size feet do you have?

              *To be fair, I also don't LIKE how clothes fit in a backpack. They're going to slouch down and the dress shirt that I could have gotten more wears out of will now have to be pressed, which I despise. I wear button up shirts until they're stained or too wrinkled and then send them out to be laundered and pressed.


                Thanks for the feedback everyone. I used it as a gym bag and it worked well. I also loaded it up with some books and walked around my neighborhood for about a 1/2 hour or so just to get a taste of what it's like with some weight. Feels great there too. Definitely a well-made bag.

                I'm still a little worried it's more than I "need" especially from a day to day perspective. But I don't have a backpack and it is also the biggest bag I own that isn't luggage and I think that it is something I will use.

                I have a Tumi briefcase that I love, but it's almost 4 lbs empty. I have the Haclyon version of the bag and I really like how light the bag itself is. I maybe I should mix it up and use it as an work/laptop bag and maybe use it more often. It's nice to have some quality options.