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Synapse 25 shoulder straps not laying flat

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    Synapse 25 shoulder straps not laying flat

    Hi all. I got my Synapse 25 this week and am having an issue with the shoulder straps not laying flat. When I have the pack on my back, the outside edges of the straps bear most of the bag's weight and dig in into my shoulders, and you can see that the inside edge of the strap is a bit raised up. I'm 6'0" with broad shoulders, and other packs tend to fit just fine.

    Will this fix itself when they soften over time? Have you experienced this with your TB bag?

    It's a bit hard to capture in a picture, but this may give you an idea of what in talking about:

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    My Synapse 19 does that too. My workaround is to use the sternumstrap. Not sure if it has changed over time.

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      That's what my straps look like when I don't have much in the bag.
      When I carry heavier items, the straps are pulled level. Not sure if this is an intended functionality
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        Originally posted by mozltovcoktail View Post
        I just got my new 2017 Synapse 25 and am having the same problem as the original poster. All the weight is on the outside edges of the straps, and the inside edge of the straps wants to splay outward. Maybe the straps will soften and conform to my shoulders, but I'm concerned I'll have to return it. I'm 6'0" and 220 lbs with broad, muscular shoulders. Here's a thread I started about this before I found this one: https://forums.tombihn.com/questions...ying-flat.html
        I just got my 2017 S25 in black halcyon (which may affect things) and I have a pre-2017 in nordic which I hadn't noticed a problem with. Anyway, this thread got me concerned as I haven't used my new one yet, so I grabbed it and put a 25lb dumbbell in it and tried it on - it seems great! Super comfy, and I haven't really adjusted the straps yet.

        As an FYI, whenever I have a heavier load I set the bag on a table or chair, loop my left arm through the left strap and then bring my left hand all the way back to grab the top handle. Then I lift the bag all the way up so it's over my head, loop my right arm through the right strap, and then set the bag down on my shoulders. It's one simple smooth motion, but just typing that up because I've always found it helps ensure the load sits secure and comfy.

        Anyway, I walked around a little, jumped around, and it was all just fine. I took a pic and you can see the straps are lying flat:


          Sadly, I have the opposite problem with my new Synapse 19. The majority of the weight is on the inner edge of the straps, and they dig into my traps even with almost nothing in the pack. I have narrow and sloping shoulders. Anybody else have this problem? Any solutions?