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Zip top alternative to MB?

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    Zip top alternative to MB?

    So I've had my MB for over a year and I don't really use it much. I find the top gapes or sags and it bugs me. I've stuffed it of course and it helps, but I'm not really a Stuff it full kind of girl. I don't like having to dump the contents to get to things. I know I could add a FS to firm things up, but the MB FS doesn't have the great variety of slots and pockets that the other FS's have.

    (The Swift was great, but the rolled handles didn't like to stay on my shoulder.)

    Is there a Tom Bihn messenger style bag that would work for a knitting/pen/paper/obsessed crafty person with a zip top? I've looked at the Cadet- love that front pocket with pen holders! And the Pilot looks good aside from appearing very luggage like. The DLBC is appealing too, but perhaps too small for a knitter?

    I feel a little bit like Goldilocks complaining about the MB. It's awesome and I want to love it, but I just find the whole pouch top flap thing irritating when wearing it and trying to access the contents. I have a SCB and I love it, I think the difference is the bags depth isn't so great that it becomes super floppy.

    Does anyone have any ideas or input? My brain hurts from staring at bags. 😂

    I'm ordering a Side Kick to replace my SCB for EDC, but I need something larger for knitting outings or book-pen-paper sessions. I do lean on the minimalist side.

    Go visit the Mothership, it would help to play with the bags with your stuff, you would be able to see what would fit best.

    We can also help virtually if you post a picture or a description of what your CC (Crafty Carry) looks like.

    The Parental Unit has a zipper, it seems smaller than the MB, with more organization, perfect to carry all sorts of different crafts.


      I like the Pilot.

      In a different thread someone mentioned that TB said he was over flap top messenger style bags, and I'm hoping there is a zip top type bag coming in the near future. I hope.


        Visiting the shop is a good idea. I think I'll do a little investigating. I've looked at the parental unit, I've just never caught it in a color I prefer. I'll have to consider how much space what I'd like to carry even takes up. I'll keep the MB for those times I need tons of space.

        Pictures are a good idea too. I'll see about assembling my "CC" items for a group photo. ��


          I just had a thought. The DBP dimensions seem perfect. The Synapse 19 FS looks like it will fit inside? This could be my solution! I love backpacks.


            Originally posted by Dreamer View Post
            I just had a thought. The DBP dimensions seem perfect. The Synapse 19 FS looks like it will fit inside? This could be my solution! I love backpacks.
            Now... As you can see from my user name, I'll have more to say about that, the S19 is a perfect CC (Crafty Carry) as well as EDC.

            The DLBP and DLBC can also be lightweight solutions for quick and light projects outings.

            For example journaling at the park, sketching at the botanical garden, bringing a summer scarf project, in baby weight yarn, at the LYS knitting group.

            There is also Indy bookstores and cafes, as well as pastry shops and tea rooms, because downpours, heatwaves or insects at the botanical gardens and at the parks, call for quiet indoor refuges.

            Before I got both, I used a Packing Cube Backpack for Aeronaute which is the inspiration for the DLBP, sans the inner pockets and less O rings.

            So you definitely need to go visit the Mothership, because now, you have more choices of bags, and you can bring you CC and EDC at the store and play pack, with all the bags, in many, many colors and fabrics.
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              The pilot is an obvious choice for a zip top version of the Makers Bag. I've owned both and keep going back to the Pilot as it's just immensely practical.

              I have moved from Ballistic to Halcyon and I find that makes it a little less 'luggage' like as it forms against the body but better. For me the Co-Pilot and Pilot are incredible designs for every day carry.

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