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Will these accessories work with my S25

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    Will these accessories work with my S25

    Hi, hoping for some advice before I place my international order as it will be difficult/expensive to add more bits later.

    I'm looking at a Synapse 25 to be my "one bag" across three purposes:

    1) Day trips. I like to take the train to different cities around the UK.
    2) Carry-on for short air breaks around Europe.
    3) Work.

    There's some variability based on context (I don't need to take a toiletry bag to work) but I'm thinking of a set up like:

    Main compartment: Vertical Cache for 15" Macbook, packing cube for t-shirts, stuff sack for socks/underwear, DSLR with lens in wrap/insert.
    Side 1: 3D clear cube for toiletries, organiser pouch for passport/foreign currency/misc travel documents.
    Side 2: Extra camera lens or Nintendo Switch.
    Bottom: Snake Charmer with laptop power adapter, battery pack, various cables. Room for a kindle too?
    Top: Sunglasses, wallet, mints/snacks, earphones.
    Water bottle pocket: Water bottle. Or coffee.

    I also like the idea of the travel tray to use inside hotel rooms but I'm not sure where to put it in my bag. Maybe as a replacement for the stuff sack?

    My order list would look something like:

    * Synapse 25
    * 3D Organizer Cube, Clear
    * Large Snake Charmer
    * Small Halcyon Organizer Pouch
    * Aether packing cube (Unsure of size... maybe large Aeronaut 30? I'd like to fill out the bottom of the Synapse)

    Does this all make sense? Have I missed anything obvious? Will the 3D organiser fit in the side pocket? Should I be looking at a different bag?



    I'm in the UK so feel your pain on trying to get the order right before pressing go on an order.

    I'm actually just starting to use my S25 again for the uses you mention, you can't go wrong. The hardest part is probably finding a colour that is suitable for work and personal travel.

    I agree with your accessory choices which seem smart (especially the large snake charmer for the bottom) and the travel tray (which can fold flat enough that it doesn't need a purpose in the bag itself, just for use at the hotel/work.

    I heard a medium tristar packing cube works best in it (when I get home I'll try it as I have one of those).

    Maybe think about a Freudian slip or side effect/side kick as other items. The side effect/kick are great for pulling out during travel with your kindle and passport etc. Small stuff sacks also work well as alternatives to the 3DOCs and are a bit cheaper.

    You might also want to consider the $30 padded waistband add on for those travel situations. And the $5 sternum strap whistle.

    Best of luck.

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      I checked the cubes I have. Both a large A45 cube and Medium Tristar cube work well.

      The synapse 25 is 340mm wide in the specs and the A45 cube is 340mm and the Medium Tristar is 325mm.

      If you are in the Southampton area at all, you'd be welcome to come and take a look.

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        Seconding the Side Kick (or Side Effect) as a means to hold the essential items, and as light touring bag once you arrive somewhere. The Side Kick in particular is great for that, as it can hold your phone, wallet, train card, boarding pass, and some extra odds and ends, in a very accessible way.
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          Hi Chris! A couple of key straps perhaps. It would be a shame not to make use of O rings


            The 3DCOC does fit into a side pocket, but you have to angle it or lay it somewhat flat on its side to zip up. This causes the side pocket to encroach into the water bottle pocket. I have a 24oz Hydroflask that still fits with this configuration, but I wouldn't be able to put my 16oz Hydroflask in that compartment as well like I normally do. Some people use the water bottle pocket for a small tablets or e-readers and they would have a hard time fitting in there with the 3DCOC in a side compartment.
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              Will these accessories work with my S25

              Recommendation: Key strap and a double organizer pouch. Great to hold a pen, boarding passes, tickets, receipts, cash, or other paperwork. I have one in each bag, and I default to putting things inside when I will need them later. Easy to find. And secure because the strap connects the pouch to the bag.


                I use 3ds on both side pockets and feel that there is room to spare. I actually keep the bottom pocket clear for my side kick or side effect, either of which are a modular EDC within a bigger EDC (the synapse itself). The side kick fits down there as long as it isn't stuffed to the gills. Mine is halcyon so it's flexible. The ballistic may not fit as well. Since those pockets are all somewhat shifty, many configurations of inserts work! Like magic!

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