I just received my Synapse 25, and am very happy with the bag! I would like to know if there are any issues fitting either a vertical size 4Z or vertical size 1 Cache in this bag?

I was planning to use a Cache in addition to a Booq sleeve I have on my MacBook Pro 13" (Non-Retina). The dimensions of the sleeve are:
Width: 9.6
Height: 13.5
Thickness: 1.6 inches

I know that the 4Z and size 1 Caches are only 1.2" thick, but am hoping that they can stretch a little to accommodate the sleeve since their other dimensions are larger.

I almost always use my laptop in the Booq sleeve as it opens "clam shell" style so was hoping the Cache would keep it secured in both the sleeve and the bag.

Thanks for your help!