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Synapse 19 not fitting me well - advice?

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    Synapse 19 not fitting me well - advice?


    I've been a messenger bag user for 15 years and just got the Synapse 19. The straps (and the plastic tension clips) are digging into my armpits when I'm wearing the bag and it's pretty uncomfortable. I'm 6', 280 lbs - so maybe this bag is just not meant for a larger guy?

    I have taken off the waist and sternum straps - I am only using arm straps.

    Anyone have this experience? Is this bag just not for me? Would another bag fit better?


    Hi kdern and welcome to the forums!

    I am 6‘2 and I only can use a S19 compftable with the sternum strap. Otherwise the shoulderstraps kind of want to slip of my shoulders and the sides of the straps sit uncompftably on my shoulders. With the sternum strap the backpack is absolultly fine for me.
    But I much prefear wearing the bigger one, the S25. That is what I use half the time. The other half it is a Smalrt Alec for me. But about six month of a year I use the S25 daily and though I also use the sternum strap there (it keeps the load better spread out and therefor the backpack feels lighter if that makes any sense) I can wear it without a sternum strap just fine.

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      I am not even that big of a guy (5'8" 150 lbs) and I have a hard time finding a comfortable way to wear the S19. It's those shoulder straps- they just seem too close together. (They aren't, they are the newer configuration.). No matter what I do I feel them the whole time I wear the backpack. We have two of them - but my wife is (generally) the only one that ends up using the S19. I love the S25 and don't those problems with it.
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