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EDC briefcase

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    EDC briefcase

    Hey all,

    I have a 11/iPad Cadet, which I absolutely love. However, since Apple has not kept the 11" laptops up to speed, I bought a 13" MBP recently. It fits in my Cadet and Cache, albeit a bit tightly. The bigger issue is the darn dongles and larger power brick I must now tote. With my iPad (9.7") computer and all the junk I've gotta schlep around, the briefcase is looking very, very pregnant.

    So, I'm left with the idea of going to a larger Cadet or jumping to the Pilot.

    Some questions:

    1. How big of a water bottle can I fit in the Pilot? I've got a 40oz Hydro Flask... probably too big, eh?
    2. Is the Pilot still a svelte EDC bag? I love the fact I can jet around with such a tiny briefcase. I realize with my larger computer, I need to get a little bigger, but don't want to get all crazy.
    3. Any pros-cons of either sticking with the Cadet (and going a bit bigger) or the Pilot?

    Many thanks!


    I haven't used the Cadet in EDC but did order one to test pack prior to purchasing the Pilot. Someone else can likely offer even more insight (someone who owns both still) but here are my thoughts:

    1 - That water bottle likely won't fit. I have a 27 oz Kleen Kanteen and it fits just perfectly.
    2 - I'm not sure I'd describe it as svelte, especially when compared to the Cadet. With that said, it is still slim and compact overall and makes a great EDC especially if you carry a computer around frequently and generally don't have lots of bulky items to pack.
    3 - Cadet would be even more slim if you're going to keep packing very lightly with your EDC but the Pilot is still a very slim package, meeting Personal Item guidelines, but would offer quite a bit more room and flexibility. The side front pockets have great organization built in and can accommodate some packing cubes if you were going to pack some clothes later.

    I actually switched, eventually, to a Makers Bag since I found that my EDC had more bulky and random items and I didn't always bring a computer to work. Dig the Pilot, it is a great bag, but it just didn't fit my daily usage particularly well. Hope this helps!


      I have a 40oz bottle that fits, however the zipper won't all the way close, but it does close enough to secure the bottle. If that bothered you then it doesn't fit : )