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12 inch Macbook & iPad 12.9 inch?

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  • aedifica
    1. The Pilot will fit both! I often carry my 13" MacBook Pro in my Pilot along with some folders and a notebook, so there would be plenty of room for your iPad along with your MacBook.

    2. I keep my MBP in a TB Cache (soft-sided sleeve) when it's in the Pilot. They also make a Cache sized to fit the 12.9" iPad Pro. I don't know whether you'd want to get two Caches, or get one slightly larger Cache and slide both of them into it. I look forward to seeing what other people will recommend to you.

    3. The TB 3D Organizer Cube fits well in the front pockets of the Pilot and also in the pockets inside the main compartment. The TB Side Effect also fits the front pockets if it isn't over-stuffed (I don't remember if it fits the pockets in the main compartment or not). My favorite organizer to use with the Pilot, though, is actually the large Travelon Packing Square. I like the firmer sides, it's a perfect fit for any of the pockets on the Pilot, and perhaps most importantly, it's also a perfect fit for the stuff I need to carry with me for school (pen pouch, external battery, charger & cables, and a spare lipstick in case I need to look dressier). Your existing pouches may also work well.

    I haven't tried the new Cubelets yet, but they're said to work well for Apple power adapters.

    I also recommend the Absolute Strap for carrying the Pilot. The stretchy section in the middle makes the bag feel lighter, once you get it adjusted to the right length for you. (At the wrong length for you, it may just bounce a lot and pull on your shoulder more.)

    Have fun!

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  • maverick
    Hi @rootnewton!

    Welcome to the forum!

    The Pilot will accommodate both a 12" MacBook, as well as a 12.9" iPad Pro.

    I sometimes carry the 12" MacBook and the 9.7" iPad Pro, each inside of a protective Cache, in the main compartment of the Pilot.

    Of course, space used by your MacBook and iPad leaves that much less space in the bag. So you will also want to consider what else you'd like to carry.

    Indeed, you can choose to use as little or as much of the organization built into the Pilot as you like. I love the organizational pockets in the front left pocket for housing my multitool, pen, lip balm, and laser pointer, for example.

    I opt to use the First/Second Aid Pouch, and more recently, the Cubelet for organizing my power adapters -- and these can easily move from one bag to another.

    One organizational aspect of the Polot, and of all TOM BIHN bags, are the O-rings to which you can attach organizational pouches, Cublets, 3D organizer pouches, and keys. TOM BIHN offers key straps in different colors to which you can tether the aforementioned items, making them easy to grab. But please be advised -- they are addictive!

    Here is a video of the Pilot that shows how it holds the 12" MacBook.

    I hope that helps -- please don't hesitate to ask if you have additional questions.

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  • rootnewton
    started a topic 12 inch Macbook & iPad 12.9 inch?

    12 inch Macbook & iPad 12.9 inch?

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the Tom Bihn forums, so I apologize if my thread is in the wrong place (please gently correct me if it is!)

    I'm a bag junkie and have bags form many different makers (TAD, Chrome, GoRuck, Peak Design, Patagonia, TUMI, etc.), but I'm looking for a new EDC Travel bag for 1/2 day trips. The Pilot caught my eye. My only concern is, for my work, I typically carry both the 12-inch Macbook AND a 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

    A few questions for those who own the bag:

    1. Will the bag accommodate both?
    2. What accessories/set-up would anyone suggest to best carry both pieces of gear?
    3. What other accessories do people recommend? Given that I swap bags fairly consistently based on what I'm doing, I typically dont use a lot of built in internal organization, instead favoring modular pouches like Magpul DAKA pouches to carry cords, tools, etc. Thoughts on which Tom Bihn items have helped with daily EDC carry?

    I really appreciate all of the help, in advance. I'm going to be in Seattle in a few weeks, and am planning on going to HQ in person to make the purchase - I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row beforehand!