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Shipping times and taxes

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    Shipping times and taxes

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at buying myself a couple things in the next few weeks and I was wondering if anyone in the UK or Europe had much experience with how long things tend to take to come and what the import taxes that you've ended up paying look like.

    Thanks in advance.

    I can't ever use the forum search correctly but if you use Google to search this site you'll find several threads about it, though I suggest favouring the newer ones since I think there was a change in the international shipping method a few years back.

    Hope this helps!

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      Over the last few months I've placed a number of orders from the UK - large and small.

      If you can keep your order below $32 then you can use the $12 post option. This takes 7 - 9 days to arrive and seems to be delivered in the post and without import duties payable. At least that's been the case for 2 orders placed that way. This is good.

      If your order is above $32 then your UK post goes up to $30 (normal post) or $45 (UPS). At this level duties are payable for sure. I find UPS easier to track and when the parcel arrives in the UK you can phone them up, learn what the extra costs are and pay by card over the phone. That means you don't have to be in when the parcel is delivered and it can be dropped off at a neighbours etc. The cheaper normal post is handled by the Post Office in the UK and they deliver and expect payment in cash. They don't carry change and so you have to pay the exact amount - and be in of course. Normal post seems to take a day or 3 longer then UPS.

      Tax payable? My last order was for an Aeronaut 30 and associated extras all shipped UPS. The TB total was $430. Approximately £334. And the tax/handling payable to UPS was about £59. So my total cost was £393. It's a lot I know!

      Worth just putting that in context for US readers - £393 is about $510 for an Aeronaut 30 and associated bits.

      The situation is worse because USA customers can easily return bags and accessories if they don't work for them in terms of colour or whatever. Returning from overseas would be very costly and although some of the tax (that £59 I last paid) should be claimable back, the reality is it would be a bureaucratic nightmare. The result is that if you end up not really liking what arrives you cant really return it, but would sell on ebay I think. Buying TB from the UK is a big investment and best to scour the forums for pictures of the bag you like in the colours you like. There is a lot of variation and colour is so personal.
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        Thanks for the reply Bruce.

        I have Synapse 25 in black at the moment so I know that I do want any more TB bags that I get to be in black as well. I've been eyeing an Aeronaut 45 but the shipping and taxes are what have me hesitating a bit, and it sure makes the ones that pop up on eBay a bit more attractive.


          Thankfully, I have Delivery services Dallas around me. I can order as many things as I want to and they help it deliver to almost everywhere. I like their service a lot because they deliver things nicely packed and on time. I have also used their one-day delivery service which was quite impressive.


            Another alternative, depending on how much/often you order, could be a forwarding service. You pay a subscription for a PO Box/suite in the States, which you send your order to (paying domestic rate for shipping), then you can choose between couriers on how to get it to your place.

            It probably doesn't work out much cheaper, if at all, but I personally find the flexibility of couriers very handy. The first time I used it I went with FedEx, who send a separate customs invoice a week or 2 later that you can pay online. Much easier than paying cash on delivery!
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