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6’6’’ (197 cm) - synapse 19 or 25?

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    6’6’’ (197 cm) - synapse 19 or 25?

    Hi all,

    I’m a 6’6’’ tall guy from the Netherlands hoping to tap into you collecting TB wisdom!

    I’n very impressed by all the stories about the synapse’s, both in terms of durability and what they will hold. I’m now considering buying one but not sure which one.

    I intend to use the bag as EDC bag which means a set of keys, wallet, 2 phones and maybe sunglasses and a bottle of water. Sometimes that’s it, other times is could be more:
    - when I go into the office on my bike I’ll carry a 12 inch laptop in a sleeve, an apple, sometimes lunch, iPad, notebook and a couple of pens.
    - when I take my daughter to swimming practice some snacks, a towel, her swimsuit.

    I guess this would all fit in the 19? But I’m not sure if it would look weird on me? I’m tall but skinny (88 kg/195 lbs).

    As the bag would have to be shipped to Europe buying a 25 and a 19 and returning the one I don’t like would be too expensive.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone who is tips or a similar problem!


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    Btw, I usually carry a backpack already: I have an arc’teryx blade 24 and a cambie. The cambie is too small for anything other than laptop and a notebook (bringing an apple makes it look sort of pregnant...), the blade is the right size with some room to spare. I like that is keeps it shape though, even when half full. Neither are water resistant enough though.

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      It looks like the arc’teryx blade 24 is 22 x 16. The only normal TB backpack close to that vertical is the Brain Bag... so both Synapses may be a little 'short' on you, but it's personal preference. The new internal frames you can buy in addition to the pack add some needed structure to prevent bulging.

      Since you're in Europe, try the method someone posted of mocking up (out of paper or corrugated) the 3D size and seeing what it looks like in a mirror.

      Your EDC carry items sound like they could fit an S19, with the possible exception of the towel - totally depends on how big that is.
      The S25 would obviously be closer to the 24L you already have.

      Several folks have posted pics wearing the various sizes in the forums plus there is a section in the S19/S25 comparison video showing people of various heights... if you haven't already, try watching that and pausing in that section.

      Best of luck
      I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


        Originally posted by G42 View Post

        Best of luck
        Hi G42 (and others),

        Thought I would give you an update on my bag hunt!

        As I turned out my wife had an old North Face backpack somewhere with dimensions really similar to the S19 - which helped me realise that it’s slightly too small for me. I doesn’t look to weird but not quite right.

        I then bought:
        - a new Cadet to replace my Tumi as an office bag (see one of my other posts about how it functions as a bag for a short business trip as well - very happy with it!). I would not be kicked out of my office for wearing a backpack but it is frowned upon/you get asked if you are going to the gym a lot.
        - a very old but hardly used Smart Alec from the US ( at least it looks like it’s hardly been used) in cordura which I’m very happy with as well although still figuring out how to best organise all my EDC items. I use pouches to bundle items I want to bring with me. It’s the first generation (without bungee) and while I see why some changes were made in the later versions (especially to the pockets on the front panel inside) I highly appreciate the sleek look without the bungee loops. And it can swallow a LOT! Also it’s black with sage which looks awesome in my view!
        - a second hand new-looking halcyon Daylight Backpack. This one I still have my doubt about and I might end up selling it on - I use it when I only have a few items to bring along (wallet, phone, keys, a book, maybe a water bottle or some diapers) but we’ll see. I do like how slim it is so I’ll probably end up keeping is.

        In other words, eBay slightly distracted me from the synapse question and now I don’t need one anymore. I realise the synapses are great for organising lots of stuff (I fully see why you would use one to go one bagging around the world) but I would just end up forgetting to move stuff from the synapse to another bag when I switch (to the cadet or our family’s diaper bag or my fanny pack or something).

        As for my other bags: I’ll keep the large Arc’teryx backpack for the longer business trips as it looks more professional than the SA and carries more than the cadet (and also, when I bring a laptop I really want to use a backpack to avoid back aches); and I’m selling the cambie if I decide to keep the DLBP because the have more or less the same use to me.

        Thanks again for the advice!

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          I'd go S25. The S19 might look like a kids backpack on you.