Two questions for othe DLBP owners out there:

1. Does anyone else have issues with the straps sliding off your shoulders, and have you come up with any mods to keep them in place? Much more than other backpacks I have (incl. Smart Alec, Western Flyer, and Packing Cube Backpack), this one doesn’t stay in place unless I pull the straps super tight - but then it’s tough to slip it on and off. I wondered about the shoulder strap wrap to give a little grip, but I think the straps might be too wide.

2. Anyone have both a DLBP and an S19? I’m wondering how different the size is, and how much more helpful the extra organization is. Depending on what I can work out with the DLBP straps, I'm thinking about getting an S19 and either selling or just storing the DLBP. Any thoughts on comparisons between them are much appreciated.